• The KaruselA young girl Saki has been captured by a wolf man called Dokiko and is a slave in his land
    ~"If you don't stop now," he said, "You'll never stop. And it'll go all round again."
    Saki left, shivering. Her right arm felt numb. She looked back at the icy roof. "I hate you, Dokiko." she shouted. "I always will!" In the dark distance was Dokiko, playing his flute by the shining moon. "Thank you, Saki." He whispered. Saki screamed, but nothing happened. She didn't feel anything. Just lone sand and snow, all muddled like a dream, and Dokiko, the flute-playing man. "This is just a carousel. Nothing ever works, does it?" But it did.~

    DiarieSakura Emei cannot talk so everyone thinks she has a terrible disability, but she has a mind of a genius.
    ~Today is September the first. That sounds so exciting, doesn't it? Like it's some special date, doesn't it? Yeah, I know. It's sort of hard for me to get excited, isn't it? I don't have anyone to talk to but paper, so it's not very exciting. Nothing is, really, and I'm trying to laugh but I can't, can I? I feel so stupid, but that's not my fault, is it? Nothing is ever my fault, because I never do anything. It's really hard for me, and it's not hard for you, it's just difficult for you to understand, like Kira and Yuki find it difficult to understand. This morning I was trying to tell Kira and Yuki I hated this hideous hairstyle, and they squealed; "Oh, lookies! Little Sakucchi is playing with her little pwetty plaities!" I was trying to shout for the ice cream, it was really hard. I think I breathed so loudly it made me squeak. Jay and Li were squealing like babies. "Oh, Emeipops! What was dat? You wanties some icy creamies?" I wish they'd understand. I wish they'd read this.