• The room was dark.
    She knew what was happening.
    They didnt.
    It was a dark and stormy night. Henry was walking around the park. He scooped out for any kids, no one in site. He grabbed into his pocket and pulled out some smokes. He grabbed his lighter, he stopped hearing sudden movement. He looked left the right, then forward. Nothing. He went back to lighting the smoke, or what he calls them. Suddenly Simon dashes straight at him, full speed, Henry had only a split second to react. But Simon accelerated and punched Henry right off his feet. Henry flew up high, he was screaming with terror. When he landed, he got p healed the scraches and brusies and searched for Simon, but the little brat was gone. He pulled out his gun and started to tiptoe, he was trying to breathe quietly but he got the wind knocked out of him.
    Alyssa drove around for her brother. She didnt think this was a good idea, trying to kill Henry. She honked once, but knew it was a bad idea, suddenly the passenger door opened and Simon hopped in. "Drive woman DRIVE!!" He yelled. She drove like hell out of the park. Suddenly gun fires broke the back window, and Alyssa drove over 100 mph. She hit some mailboxes, but she didnt care she was being chased. A gun fire popped a tired, and they spun out of control, Simon grabbed her hand, and they flung out of the driver's door. Simon turned invisible, and Henry went right past them.