• Part Six:

    This time was different. It wasn't so dark this time, I could see where I was. When I did, I panicked. There was og covering the ground and the sky above me. I was in a cemitary, but this one was different. Instead of the dead bodys under the ground they were above, lying liflessly and perfectly preserved. I walked around the displayed corpses laying flowers on each of the bodys. I felt so bad for them, they had to spend the rest of eternity in one spot, I would hate it. Suddenly I heard a hundred voices, all of the dead. I heard the converstaeing, the moans, they storys and the worst of all... The screams. They screamed like they were in pain and suffering. I knew why too. ''So do you like your new home? Yes, your fate will be the same as theres! Bwhaaa!'' The thing hissed as me from the top of a tomb stone. It looked different then before, it looked more crazed and hungry now then the last time. ''I geuss you have no idea of the power I posses. I'm going to use ever ounce of it on you, just to see you suffer and twist in agony!'' it spat at me as it paced back and forth, looking as though it was ready to pounce. I woke up with a light stream of tears runing down my smooth face. I didn't open my eyes again becuase I smelled that wounderful aroma of Doman again. I knew he was neer by becuase Renten told him to keep close to me when I was sleeping.

    ''Good morning?'' Doman whispered into my hair. ''Yes, I'm up.'' I sighed as I crawled out of my bed. ''I'm going to go make some food, want any before Eric wakes up?'' I asked with a drowsey face. ''Let me cook! Please! 'Cmon! Please?!''Doman pleaded. ''Yeah, sure anything to let me have a couple minutes to get dressed'' I said enthusiasticly. Doman was down the stairs in 20 seconds or less. I heard a thud, and then another louder one. Two in a row? Thats unusual. I rushed down the twisting staircase, stubbing my toe, and there he was. It was Doman, flat on his back, passed out. He jumped down the stairs hitting his head and falling down. I steped around the mamoth of a boy and continued into the kitchen to make breakfast. ''Did you kill him?!'' Eric sqeeled from the starway. ''Nah, he just fell. Heres your food.'' I said in a flat tone. ''Im going to the store, I will be back in an hour or two.'' I called over my shoulder as I walked out into the brisk air. I woundered how long thses dreams were foing to go on and if I was really going to end up like those poor other souls. Something cut me off in mid thoughtwhen I was at the store, I saw Mila and her friend Kim, Mila had ink streaks in her newly blonde hair. My jaw neerly hit the floor. Im glad they didn't see me, I would look liike an idiot if they did.

    Later that day when I got home Ghost was tening to Domans head and Eric was upstairs cleaning his guns andd getting ready to go on a hunting trip with Ghost. I was used to this, they went on an anual trip every year when bear season is here. Last year Eric came home with 2 bears.. Ghost came home with 6, and he forgot his gun. Thats what scares me the most about Ghost, he is deadly and he dosent tell us how he killed the bear. Doman was eventualy sleeping. I was sitting on the couch subcounchusly playing with Domans hair. Nothing was on so I turned off the TV and headed to my room and got into some sweat pants on and came back down. Doman was hunched over on the couch silently sobbing. ''Oh, Savannah! Why!? Why, can't I do this?! I want to so bad but it wont come out!'' he sobbed helplessly. He walked over to me and hugged me tighter then I could breathe. I gasped and he losened his gripbut did not let me go. He held me for a good 15 minutes before he sprung at the couch and started to tear the pillows appart at the seems. I ran back upstairs and locked my door, as if that would hold agains his strength, but I felt somewhat safe.

    I heard its voice come from the corner of the room, and it was there. At this point im haveing a compleet panic attack so that sent my hear rate through the roof. '' I made him that way! I decided that I am going to make everyone insaine and then it will force you to go insaine!'' It laughed as it twisted its evil head around in circles. ''I will make you a deal, eh?'' It began..

    To be contiued....