• So, there was more running. I'm on the track team here, and I don't think I have ran this much. We finally reached the cafeteria. We walked in and saw Maria, Luke, and the Doctor sitting on one of the benches in the sixth grade area. Sarah Jane ran over to them and the Doctor stood up with a big smile. They hugged as if they havn't seen each other for years. How do they know each other?

    "Master?" a robotic voice said behind us. I spun around but I didn't see anything. "Look down." Maria told me. I looked down and saw this robot dog looking thing rolling toward us. "K-9!" the Doctor exclaimed as he kneeled down,"Hello boy!" he started stroking it on the head as the robot made a happy sound, like dogs do when they get attention. It's a robot dog! That's SO COOL. Where did they get this technology?

    "Where have you been?" Sarah Jane said as she kneeled as well.
    "Nothing- much -Mistress, just being chased by this weird boy."
    "What did he look like?" the doctor asked
    "Puffy,- curly- orange- hair, looks -like- that- weird- man -from -that -show-Maria- watches."
    Maria steps up,"What show might that be?"
    "That-show-with-the-man-Maria-always-drools-when-she sees-him. Boy-looks-like-mans-friend-except-younger."
    "Oh!" Maria said,"Your talking about Carrot Top! From Criss Angel! And that man is worth drooling over!" I walked towards her,"Who, Criss Angel?"
    "Ooh, he's fine!" I answered.
    "I know!"
    Clyde walked off,"Yeah, yeah."

    Sarah Jane, K-9, and the Doctor were still on the floor talking amongst themselves,"Come on," Maria beckoned Luke and I,"Lets let these three catch up." We walked towards where Clyde was. Now I had more questions that needed answering, I still don't even know whats going on!

    We all sat down in the 8th grade area. I sighed,"Now, will anybody tell me what is going on?" This time I asked calmly. The three of them exchanged looks,"All right," Maria began,"but...you have to promise not to tell anyone."
    "I promise."
    "Okay..." she hesitated,"...me, Clyde, Sarah Jane, Luke are all from London, and Sarah Jane isn't any ordinary journalist. She..." she glanced at Sarah Jane then looked back,"...she studies aliens." FINALLY proof that aliens exist, I knew there had to be something else out there, it's too big out there to just be empty.
    "You mean...real aliens?"
    Luke nodded,"What you saw back there was a Sletheen, we have met them a couple of times before."
    "What do you guys do?" I asked.
    "We help Sarah Jane out, she can't do it alone you know," Maria smiled.
    "All right," I began wanting to pinch myself to see if this was all a dream,"So, who's this Doctor?"
    Clyde looked up from sulking about the Criss Angel thing. Thats when I knew...he totally likes Maria."He's some old friend of Sarah Janes, she talks about him now and then."
    "So, he knows about the aliens?" I asked
    "Dude," Clyde chuckled,"he is one."
    What? He is one!? Nice looking alien! "What kind is he?"
    "He's a Time Lord," Luke answered.
    "Whats a time lord?"
    "The lords of time, they travel through time and space. Highly advanced race from the planet Gallifrey."
    "Wait,"I paused,"There's more Time Lords?"
    "There was." The Doctor answered walked up from behind us.
    "What happened?" I asked. I saw the look of sadness on his face.
    "Maybe another time." There was a moment of silence, I had to break it,"So, whats this box?"
    "That's the Tardis." The Doctor sat down and put his feet on the other table in front of us. He showed no emotion from the conversation before. Sarah Jane and K-9 went next to him.
    "The Tardis?" I asked. Sarah Jane turned her head towards me,"His time machine."
    TIME MACHINE! This keeps on getting better and better! "A time machine, isn't it a bit...cramped in there?"
    Sarah Jane laughed,"You would be surprised!" Wondering what she meant by that I went on,"...but since the cops have found it then..."
    "That's why we are here," Clyde interupted.
    "I heard that the Tardis was found here, so we left." Sarah Jane continued,"And if the tardis is here, the Doctor is here, and if he's here there is something fishy going on in this school."
    I thought for a bit,"Well, if the Tardis was found, then your in the risk of being exposed Doctor." He scratched his head,"Yeah, I really got to get her back before that does happen, but the question is...how?" He stood up and started pacing.

    Suddenly, there was a crash coming from the kitchen.