• Prologe
    Long ago, in the time of the ninja, an 11-year-old boy’s life was about to change forever. His name is Joey Boughton and he lives in a small village that’s hidden in the trees. Joey isn’t the most normal kid, but soon he will see with the guidance of his 16-year-old brother Christian, they were to become heroes.
    Our story begins during an “E” rank mission. See, these missions are used to train the young ninja. It also helps to make money for the village. Anyway, on this mission Joey, Christian, Ally and Eric were supposed to escort an elder to her home in a nearby village. But halfway there while Joey was daydreaming about fighting fifteen enemy ninja and their skillful leader, they suddenly appeared. Then the leader said, “ I am Danny Wayne, and I will kill you!” and he ordered his ninja to attack. Christian told the elder to hide and all four of them defended the attack.
    After about two hours, the battle seemed endless when Ally remembered their ace in the hole. She had her shadow clone Jutsu which when used could make copies of themselves. Just then there was screams coming from the other side of the battle. Danny and Joey had a painful encounter and Danny realized Joey was a wizard. See, when two opposing wizards meet and lock eyes even for an instant, they receive a piercing pain in their head. When this happened Danny was so surprised, he ordered his fine 3 man cells to retreat. Christian, Joey, Ally and Eric looked around, shrugged and said, “That was weird!” When they found the elder, they continued on their way.
    After they were finished, Joey told his brother about his daydreaming. Christian then told Joey about their powers and about the wizard rule. He also told him now that Danny knows of their powers he would be back to try to take them so neither of them was safe. While they were talking, Eric and Ally came in and said they over heard what was going on. Because they all were so close, Eric and Ally told them they were there to help and would do whatever it takes to save them together.
    With them in it together, they decided to go and find the only known sage, Merlin. A sage is the highest-level wizard alive, and after the battle of woofoo, Merlin was the only survivor. The trip would take them through the deadly dragon realm, and prove to be along, hard journey. They packed only the essentials and left early the next morning.
    The gang traveled quite awhile and found a village to rest at awhile and get something to eat. They just settled in when they started to hear whispers that Zach, an apprentice of Danny, was training nearby. Everyone gathered their things and started out of town. Just as they reached the gate, Zach showed up with Danny. They started to fight again, and were able to get away but just barely.
    They continued on for three more days with very little rest until they reached the village in the mist. When they reached that village, they were able to locate the portal that would take them to the realm of the dragons. A local shopkeeper told them the needed to find the hill within the rocks. So they walked till they saw the two mountains with a grassy hill in between. They climbed the hill and when they reached the top the found the opening with a sign that read, “Through whom ever enter ye shall be brave warriors forever more.” They looked at each other, took a deep breath and walked through.
    The realm of the dragon was easier than they had believed and soon found Merlin’s doe Joe. Merlin greeted the four young travelers and Eric explained why they had come. Merlin said that he was expecting them because it was Joey’s destiny to train with him and become a sage. Then Merlin asked “Are you ready to begin your training Haru?” And he replied, “Yes, Merlin – but first could we get a little sleep?” They all laughed and Merlin showed them to their rooms. The next morning Haru began training. Over the next three years he learned and mastered the elements of offence, defense, magical arts and telepathy. Haru was then a sage and ready to face Hiata.
    Joey and his friends, who also gained valuable training, left Merlin’s to find Hiata. He was able to send a telepathic message to challenge Danny to battle. It wasn’t long before Danny arrived and it started. The battle lasted four days and on the fifth, Haru was able to use his hyper beam and beat the evil tyranny of Danny Wayne
    Joey returned to Merlin and invited him to stay with Christian and him. Merlin gladly accepted and they started a new training doe Joe in their village for magical students. Then they lived happily ever after, or till the next story begins…

    Chapter 1
    An Awful Death

    Not to long after the battle of Danny Wayne and Joey Boughton team 7 was out on a mission with Erick’s father the king. The king knew it was risky but he knew he had limited time in his life left. So he took the risk. And when team 7 was nearing the Land of rice cakes team 7 was ambushed the enemy started with a sneak attack by throwing two kunai knives at Erick’s back but his father noticed it in time too jump to his only sons rescue. But his choices were his down fall instead of the kunai taking his sons life the kunai had hit his chest and all that Erick saw was his fathers body on the ground bleeding and once he saw that Erick screamed “NO” so loud that it could be heard miles away. Erick knelt down beside his fathers nearly limp body tears pouring down his cheeks and onto his father face and through some mumbled words that his father under stood Erick said “why father why” but his father had thought long and hard about that question before know and he finally came up with an answer that was the most truest four words he had ever said they were “Because I love you.” But Erick was not satisfied with his fathers answer so he tried as hard as he could he could to close the wound even with the kunai out and his best medical jutsu. But in the middle of the process his father stopped him and said “my son leave me here to die in peace because even your best medical jutsu could not close the wound you are wasting your charka” then Erick started to fight with his father even though he knew it was true so he said “no father I won’t leave you here we’ll take you back to the village and have our best medical ninja treat you so please just hold on” Erick had said it with so much heart in it that he had started to cry even harder. And then his father said something that he would never forget “but my son I will die a good death knowing that I saved your life, an that I have no regrets because know I am paying for any sins that I have done so please don’t hate yourself for my death and that is an order as king understand.” And even though Erick did not understand he tried to smile and salute and said “yes sir” and Erick’s father said “thank you” and mustering up all the strength he had left he hugged his son for the last time he ever could and whispered something so quietly that Erick himself barley heard what his father had said and laid back down. When his father smiled and closed his eyes Erick bent down to pick up his fathers locket he was told to never open it but his father had said to open it so he did as he was told and he opened the locket to reveal the picture that he thought was burned in the fire at the house in there living room but his father must have gotten it before it was completely burned it was a picture of his mom and dad and him and Christian his brother Joey and there friends and Ally it was the day they all graduated from the Ninja Academy and then a note rolled out it was what his father wanted him to read it said “Dear Erick if you are reading this note you have either broken our rule or I am dead which I am sure is the case. This note is to be to choose the next king so take the name to the village elders sincerely your loving father Aaron.” And after Erick read his fathers note he began to sob uncontrollably. And back at the village hidden among the trees he had been sitting in the exact same spot doing nothing except reading his fathers note and occasionally glancing at the picture that he had kept in the locket. And during this time his friends were just sitting there exhausted from there battle but still they were wondering what Erick was thinking but they were afraid to ask because they thought that Erick might break into an uncontrollable sob and go into the featle position. And so as the day progressed Erick eventually went home to tell his mother the bad news about his father and to make plans for the funeral that was to be held in about a week.

    A week had pasted since the plans for the funeral had been established. And on the day of the funeral you could sense the depression in the air there was not any a child playing at the park the shops were closed the restaurants blackened the sky was near pitch black if you were in the air you’d say that it was a ghost town but you could just barley make out the silhouettes of the towns people on the roof atop of the school. There were but two who weren’t at the funeral those two were Christian and his girlfriend Caitlin they were at the spot were the few who die in the line of duty are carved in to for the rest of eternity you could barely make out the oldest names written in to the stone. “Hey Christian do you think we should stop making up our excuses about our tardiness and tell them what we do that makes us late and go to the funeral?” asked Caitlin as she move behind him to hug him but all Christian did was grunt while just out of instinct take her hug with a hug in return they were in that position for awhile until Christian felt better and he told Caitlin that she could go ahead as he turned around to finish what he started but he could no longer feel the presence of his girlfriend which he was really good at since they spent hours if not sometimes a day or two together so all he could do was wonder weither she left or worse so he shouted and there was an answer oh it was a horrible sound indeed it made Christians hair stand on end. And Christian spun on the spot to see a great monster that had a single tail and almost immediately Christian recognized it and who it was holding it was Caitlin being held by the, one tailed sand creature inside of Zack he could barley make out the sleeping figure that was Zack playing possum. And as Christian pondered what he was seeing Zack bellowed a great hardy laugh at what he saw the supposedly helpless Christian just staring at him. “Hey Boughton where’s your brother at I got a score to settle with him?” asked Zack “I don’t know you idiot know you better put Caitlin down or else” shouted Christian and all Zack did was put Caitlin on a tree “hey Christian if you don’t beat me your girlfriend will be crushed by my sand hand.” Said Zack “fine then summoning Jutsu giant toad.” Yelled christen and hen there was a lot of smoke and Christian was standing on a giant toad named Tai. “Hey Tai you ready to fight this thing even after four years?” asked Christian “sure thing my friend as long as it’s the same sure come stances.” Said Tai “well there is one difference your son is not here.” Said Christian they both laughed at Christians comment because Tai’s son could have been a burden “well I think that’s for the better” replied tai blowing a large puff of smoke from his pipe and as it slowly rose Christian and tai leaped up and shot a aqua bullet mixed with a fire bullet at the sand creature and the creature just barley dodged the very lethal attack. Then the sand creature had shot a mud bullet followed by a dozen sand bullets. Tai was hit three times but didn’t stop his pursuit of the sand creature and with only 3 yard between Christian and Zack Christian ran and jumped off Tai and just barley made it to the tip of the sand creatures nose so Christian had began running towards Zack and the sand creature had just began to get physical and constantly move for Tai throwing jabs and punches so that Christian had to walk to stay upright but he still ran knowing that every second Caitlin was being hurt which he just couldn’t stand he was still fighting back tears at the thought of her dieing it was to unbearable for him so he had to run when he was only feet away he lost his footing and as he fell he twisted his ankle and let out a cry of pain but ignoring the pain he still walked to the unconscious Zack and as soon as Christian got there he had slapped Zack silly and gave him a left hook for his twisted ankle. And Zack almost immediately woke up just in time to feel the left hook and Zack gasped for breathe and in doing so the sand creature dissipated in to sand and Christian let Tai leave for his own home. Three hours later after the funeral Christian had talked to Zack and learned why he transformed and got an honest answer from him. So after that and a quick trip to the hospital Christian, Caitlin, Erick, Alison, and Erick’s mother Joann were all in the living room of Christians house Christian and Caitlin shared one of the two coach’s that he had Erick and Joann were on the other and Ally was on Christians nice black leather recliner they all shared happy memory’s of Aaron other than that the only sound was of Joann sipping the wine Christian had bought for her for the occasion not that it was a happy one. So everyone left a about 9 pm except Caitlin she told her parents that she was going to stay with Christian so as they were about to go to sleep there was a knock on the door so Christian went to see who it was and it was his brother Joey and Merlin. “So were have you two been its been like two weeks since you left you said you would be back by Friday what took you guys so long?” asked Christian with Caitlin beside him “well there were some problems on the way to the temple of wizards which is were we went but I wonder what happened to your ankle? And did we miss anything important?” asked Merlin with a very quizzical look on his face about Christians ankle “well if you must know last week the king me Erick and Alison all went on a mission and were ambushed and the people were about to kill Erick but the king took the blow and is know dead as to my ankle well I was in a fight and twisted it.” Said Christian and so after that everyone went off to bed Merlin to his little hut above the house Joey to his room and Caitlin and Christian to Christians room. The next morning they all ate happily and Joey went on about how bad Merlin’s cooking was and how he missed Christians cooking “hey my cooking wasn’t that bad besides yours wasn’t much better either” said Merlin with a chuckle and after breakfast and Caitlin left, the others went to the living room “ok Merlin and Joey tell me what you were doing at this temple of wizards?” asked Christian in a very serious tone and Joey knew that he had to know what they did. “Ok Christian we went there because Merlin had said there to be magical artifacts that we needed.” Said Joey “there were some artifacts that you, Joey, Erick, and Alison need for the evil that approaches we also had to get some scrolls and ancient text for training you your brother and your friends.” Said Merlin and then there was an eerie silence “what are you talking about Eric’s in no shape for training I mean his father just died and Alison’s parents hate me because of our last act of courage me I have a girlfriend that I love I couldn’t be away that long again and Joey he nearly died in that fight with Danny Wayne.” Christian had yelled it all at Merlin who just sat there with no hint of emotion “well if you must know there is a new evil that was released not to long ago maybe four or five months at the longest according to my friends of the next life and they have not been wrong yet.” Said Merlin in a very calm voice “then would you please demonstrate I’ll even get your crystal ball.” Said Christian “no need I thought you might ask me to do that so I got my friends to tell me that Caitlin will be hear in 5 4 3 2 1.” Said Merlin then there was a knock at the door Christian went to see who it was when he opened it Caitlin was standing in the doorway just smiling at everyone “hey you three how’s it going just came by see you guys wasn’t much talk last night and Joey was ranting this mourning about Merlin’s cooking so I thought that we could just talk you know as friends like how you are that kind of stuff.” Said Caitlin “sorry Caitlin any other time we would but not right now” Christian was cut of by Merlin “so your Caitlin Christian talks fondly of you I’ve been meaning to see you come in come in we need you for this talk” “ok sure” said Caitlin a little confused and Christian just looked at Merlin with the exact same expression “so Caitlin it seems that my friends have told me of your family and it seems that your family has a history with Christians they say that’s how you two met and that you were real good friends best until Christian met Erick if I’m correct?” said Merlin “well yes we were” said Caitlin confused “well it seems during my trip with Joey that you are supposed to help Erick Alley Christian and Joey defeat a new evil.” Said Merlin and Caitlin was so confused she had to sit down “NO you will not pull Caitlin into this I won’t allow it” said Christian “why is that Christian?” asked Merlin “Because I love her that’s why you stupid old man why else.” Yelled Christian and he started to cry and Caitlin despite her confusion got up and hugged her crying boyfriend “is that true do you really love me?” asked Caitlin and Christian just said “yes I do I have ever since we were 10 that’s when I really found out that I have always loved you.” Replied Christian still sobbing as if he was wounded “please don’t bring her into this Merlin.” Said Christian who had regained control over himself “well I am sorry Christian but it says the names right here I didn’t think of Caitlin until she came over here.” Said Merlin passing an ancient text to Christian who began crying again. “Ok I am lost what are you talking about please tell me if it includes me please tell me.” Demanded Caitlin who was looking fiercely at Merlin who was completely calm. “Ok I think you deserve to know see four years ago Joey had finally learned he was a wizard and he was also in danger along with Alison and Erick you weren’t because we weren’t together until after this so we found Merlin, at his dojo so he could train Joey to fight a wizard named Danny Wayne and after three years of training Joey fought Danny and won so that’s how Merlin came to live here and to help the academy by teaching history, of the ninja world and he also teaches magic to young wizards that are at the academy so that’s about it this new evil is new to me to.” Said Christian waiting to see Caitlin’s reaction hoping it would be good. “Hahahahahahaha know that’s really good Christian that’s really good now seriously tell me what’s happening” said Caitlin and everyone just looked at her “wait your serious” said Caitlin quizzically “Joey please create a ball of fire water and soil please” asked Merlin “sure thing aqua fire earth combine.” Said Joey and a ball formed and Caitlin was just astonished “well that’s a pretty good example I think I believe you.” Said Caitlin amazed at what just happened “well I should explain more when Erick and Alison are here which should be in about 30 minutes what should we do in the meantime I wonder.” Said Merlin to everybody all of whom was confused except for Joey who knew all about it and was trying to comfort his older brother through the cold hard truth that he was going to have to accept. 30 minutes later Alison and Erick showed up and were warmly greeted when they saw Joey they just gave him a big hug cause they missed him. Chapter 3 THE CURSE OF THE SAND
    As soon as Ally and Erick let go of Joey Merlin told them to sit down and so they did. “Well I am glad you two are finally here you see while me and Joey were traveling we found an ancient text that talked about an evil that was released four or five months ago and it told of five people three warriors named Christian, Alison, and Caitlin a wizard named Joey a sorcerer named Erick and they are said to of lived 1000 years ago and originally sealed the creature. And it said if they were reborn it would be released so that the new warriors sorcerer and wizard could defeat it again why that is I do not know it’s always been like that so before you two arrived Christian had told Caitlin all about the first battle and the three year absence of you four and how I came to be here.” Said Merlin all the while Erick and Alison’s jaws just kept dropping until they were wide open and Joey leaned over and pushed them closed. “Well there’s something you don’t hear that often and Christian didn’t we all swear to keep that battle a secret and feed everybody false story’s about it?” asked Alison in a half question and statement “well yes but Caitlin had to learn and we now know that we both love each other with our hearts and well I have proposed to her. Well then have a look.” Said Christian gesturing at Caitlin who just put out her hand and there on her left ring finger was a gold band with a small diamond stud in the middle of it “holly crap Christian where’d you get the money for that!” asked Erick finally amazed “well in your fathers will he left me $1000 of what he had to give you still have 3 grand.” Said Christian bluntly as Erick, and Alison were all astonished “the wedding isn’t going to be all that fancy its going to be simple its going to be in a meadow with sum food our friends and family and that’s about it not to expensive either.” Said Caitlin and as the day progressed there wasn’t much talk except by Erick, Alison and Joey about his trip and Christian and Caitlin talking about their wedding that was to be held in 1 month and Merlin’s book pages being turned every so often but they all tried to avoid the question that was on all of their minds except for Merlin who was just wondering how his book ended they were quiet until 9 pm when Erick and Alison were supposed to go home and slowly the residents of the Boughton home went to sleep. But the next morning Joey and Merlin were gone without so much as a note, which got Christian mad.
    Chapter 4
    A Happy Day Indeed
    It had been 1 month and it was time for Christian and Caitlin’s wedding. In the meadow that it was held in was beautiful and the whole time even when it was being set up you could feel how much love and happiness was in the air. The wedding was to be held at noon but guests were arriving at 11:00 am just to get a few words in the bride and groom and see what they thought about the wedding and what they felt. All of Christian’s older friends who were married told him lots of things to keep Caitlin or any women happy. They all joked around with Christian to make him feel nervous even though he was already nervous beyond all reason. As to were Caitlin was getting all kinds of help with her gown and her veil and she was still getting a lecture from her parents about her age and that Christian was the only guy she ever dated blah blah blah even though Caitlin knew what she was doing was right and that her parents couldn’t change her mind. Later on when everyone was seated and Christian was at the center of a semi circle of tree’s and as Caitlin walked down the aisle with her father walking right next to her giving Christian a look that only meant “if you break her heart you’ll die” and Christian gave a slight nod in response. But when he saw Caitlin he just forgot everything that was going on and all he could do was think “WOW I must be the luckiest man alive to be with someone like Caitlin.” Then Christian just zoned out for most of what the priest said until the most important words in the whole ceremony “do you Christian take Caitlin to be you’re lawfully wedded wife?” said the priest “I do” said Christian “and do you Caitlin take Christian to be your lawfully wedded husband?” said the priest “I do” said Caitlin “then I pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride” said the priest with a little smile on his face while Christian and Caitlin started to kiss they were like that for five minutes until one of Christians older friends whistled and shouted “hey nice Christian nice and I mean really nice thanks for this footage haha.” And Christian just shook his head with a little smile and said, “Hey there better be a copy of the whole wedding” and everyone laughed even the guy who shouted it. Later on after the wedding Christian and Caitlin were moving boxes of Caitlin’s stuff to Christian’s house but when Christian and Caitlin got to their new home Christian noticed almost immediately that his living room lights were on, though Christian could have sworn that he had turned them off when he left for his wedding. So as Christian approached the front door he pulled out his special dagger made for him and only him and opened the door only to see Joey and Merlin reading books and eating his sour cream and onion chips. When neither took any notice to Christian he cleared his throat