• It was a dark and dreary night with the winds howling and screeching such a retched sound that even the worlds bravest souls would run away in fear, as children lay in their beds under their covers crying for their parents who are to terrified to move from their own beds, the rain came pelting the houses roofs only made the family’s dogs bark at thin air the dogs ran round and round in circle as if to chase an intruder when they only saw nothing. But in the far of distance people could make out the tiniest shape of a ship out at sea with a man on the bow of the boat with his hands at his sides and his chest heaving as if to catch his breath but his head tilted back laughing such a sinister cackle that it could be heard over the wind and the rain it made every hair on a mans body stand on end.
    This man was a well known man that everyone has feared his name was Edward Elric, the only difference between Edward and other men was the plain and simple fact that he is the most feared pirate who crews a ship so vile and ghastly that if a man even tried to describe it he or was sentenced to be hung by the neck on the gallows. The very thought of ever being forced to see Edwards ship only meant certain death. As any pirate has Edward was also referred to as ‘Davey Jones’ because it was said that Edward had bested Davey Jones in a duel and had become the captain of ‘the Flying Dutchmen’. As to the bounty on his head it would make a homeless man richer than a king.
    “Ahahahaha are you ready men this will be our best raid yet!” screamed Edward so sinisterly that even his first mate was near soiling himself. “Aye captain we be ready.” Said Edwards’s first mate “ah that be good Emit. After this men we will drink rum till there’s no tomorrow!” yelled Edward “hurrah for Captain Edward” howled the crew their voices carried to the main land where the ship was headed. As soon as a family nearest to the sea heard they quickly got their children and sent their eldest son to warn the rest of the village. “Run run for your lives it’s the pirates Edward and his crew. Run for the hills flea the town or you may as well be dead!!!!” screamed the eldest son as he ran through the village as an arrow flew though the air and struck the boy in the arm, the boy fell to the ground screaming for the towns people to run. As he fell he saw the Flying Dutchmen land ashore and in that instant he knew he was dead a so was his village, all he could do was wait for death to claim him but before long ha passed out.
    “Hey Captain we got a live one hear” yelled a crew member that Edward didn’t remember “I See that er…” “Smith Captain” said Smith “Smith good job Smith now let’s see here. Young well muscled looks good take him aboard the ship Smith.” Said Edward. As the boy awoke he could tell that the room was bobbing side to side and he could hear the faint sound of rain and feet running across what he thought was a roof but soon noticed that it was a ships flooring. As the boy sat up he heard a rough voice speak “ah I see ye be awake me boy what be yer name boy?” asked the rough voice said to the boy “my name is John, John Spear sir.” Replied John “well John do ye know what ye be on at this moment?” asked the man “no, no I don’t sir” said John “well well well boy ye be in fer a shocker cause ye be on the flying Dutchman hahahaha” said the man with an devilish cackle at the end. “Ey Captain we gots our selves a boy who don’t know what he be on hahahaha.” Yelled the man to the the ceiling and John could hear a pair of boots crossing the ships bow towards the door. Within a minute the door was kicked open and John could tell who the man was without even seeing his face “well well boy I hope Smith here told ye were be. So what be yer name boy?” said Edward “my name be John sir” answered John shakily “well John I be Captain of this ship me name be Edward or ‘Davey Jones’ I meant to be hear when ye woke but well commotion on the deck. And well I put Smithy here to wait fer awhile while I settled things down up top so I bet ye be wondering why I a mere pirate would kill an entire town and spare 1 child right?” Said Edward all John could do was nod yes “well it be simple I had a brother part of me crew died few years back from gunfire he always said he wanted to quit and raise a family and when he died I swore to him I would raise a family and that be were you come in ye family be dead and instead of me killing you I save ye and start teaching you the pirate ways okay John.” Said Edward to John only nodded and said “well that’s great cause I always wanted to be a pirate.”

    In the years that followed John learned everything about being a pirate and was raised under Edwards ship Edward died 40 years or so later and John still lives as Captain of the Flying Dutchmen living on and on for years never to die. How do I know this ye may ask well I am John