• Kira sat there in a sleep-induced gaze, though awake, was still stuck remembering the dream she had.

    A building, collapsing and burning. Bodies inside flailing around as they were burned to the bone. She sat there, staring at the scene, bored. It was like this was something that happened every day. A chunk of cement splintered into a near thousand pieces as it fell from the building.

    "Kira! Hurry up or you'll be late for school again!" a voice yelled from downstairs, now fully awakening the girl.

    "Yes, mother!" Kira called back to her mother, rushing to get changed into her sailor suit uniform. Hurriedly brushing her long black hair, she checked her reflection in the mirror.
    Her long black hair was long, straight, and down to her lower back. The bangs were pushed to the right, nearly concealing one of her beautiful crystalline eyes.

    Glad with her appearance, she rushed down the stairs, pecked her mother on the cheek. and grabbed a piece of buttered toast after shouldering her back-pack.

    "Maybe you should start using your alarm clock!" her father yelled after her, heading into his car for another day at work. Kira's parents were working class, though only her father had a job. Kei Kurokichi was a fairly tall and well built man, with light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Her mother Saijo Kurokichi, though, was short, had short choppy black hair, and chestnut colored eyes.

    Kira was in eleventh grade, which was pretty good for a japanese student. Many children, and teenagers, never made it this far in education, dropping out for jobs, or they just did not have enough money to pay for school funding. But even though her school, Tsuko Jiin, had scarce students, barely any had graduated and moved on to Tokyo University.

    Her first class was Ancient and Modern Style Art with Neko Ishiki, a bubbly teacher who obsessed with the arts. Be it music, dance, or drawing, she loved it all.

    "Come now, come no, class! Today we will be learning about an ancient drawing depicting a 'Vatis de Ruina', or 'Seer of Destruction'," she chirruped, only catching the class' attention when she mentioned the word 'Destruction'. "Yes, today you will sketch a your own version of 'Vatis de Ruina'. Remember, you have to get the point across that it is a Seer of Destruction, so you can't just draw what you think it looks like. You have to show destruction, for example, in the background. I will allow you to draw a maximum of two sketches, but they have to be linked together somehow."

    The class' response was staring at her and their classmates stupidly.

    Neko clapped her hands and shouted, "What are you waiting for? The grass to grow? Hurry! You only have until the end of the class!"

    Kira started to draw furiously, using the maximum number of sketches. By the end of the class her hand hurt horribly, but she managed to get it in on time, even if she was the last one out the door.

    As she stepped out into the hall, her eyes widened and her mouth formed a small 'o' shape..