• Will looked down towards the town. It was a peaceful little place that seemed to be full of happy people. The town had probably about 4,000 people and about 1,500 kids. It was your average ordiary town. Still, he need to check up on these towns every month or so. Noone would know other than him if a town went missing. Actually, noone would care. Nobody knew about the monsters that had come to the world execpt for him and his brother Brad. Of course, Brad had been born on his step-dad's side of the family, so he was an angel. You see, Will was just a regular human being except that he could control the elements and see the creatures in their real forms. What was happening everyday was one day, the monsters would reveal themselves to the citizens of the town, kill every one of them, and then burn the town to the ground. So far, only twenty cities had been burned. But that was all about to change.
    Will went back towards his and Brad's camp. It looked like a regular camp out in the middle of the woods. A tent, two sleeping bags, and a cheery little fire. If anybody walked by other than Will or Brad they would just see a little kid sitting next to the fire. Will calmly walked back into camp. Brad looked up at him.
    "I set the soup on." He said happily.
    That put a smile on Will's face. He sat down and Brad handed him a bowl full of a soup comprised of roots, small carrots, and a little bit of rabbit. Will enthusiastically accepted the bowl and started eating. His brother was an excelent cook. He started to eat the soup and quickly finnished it.
    "Thanks." He said to his brother.
    "We are running a little low on supplies." Brad said slightly unhappily. "How about we go into town tommorow and pick up some food? It has been a while since we last did that."
    Will nodded his head. "That sounds good." He said calmly.
    He knew that something was going to brew over soon. He could tell from the way the air moved and the way it was so tense.
    "I guess we should get some sleep now." Will said.
    Brad nodded his head and went over to the tent. He slowly got into his sleeping bag and was almost instantly asleep. Will stayed up and kept watch. He soon dozed off.
    When Will woke up he found Brad getting his hiking shoes on and putting on a long sleaved sweatshirt that looked like one of the ones they had seen the local kids wearing. Will quickly got his stuff on too and they headed off towards the town. Ten minutes later they were there. There wasn't much traffic around the town. They figured that they would just wander around for a little bit and look around. They went into the local middle school. They quickly blended in and went to a classroom. They filled into some unfilled seats and waited for class to start. Almost immediatly the rest of the children came in and sat down in their seats. Will and Brad looked at the other kids. Brad saw only one person that wasn't human. It was a blonde haired girl who looked to be about their age. However, she was slightly hazy, meaning that she didn't know that she wasn't normal. Generally if somebody was different and knew it they would look to him in their real form.
    When Will saw this girl he almost instanly fell in love with her. She was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Her gaze flited over to him and she smiled slightly. He focused on her and started to try to read her mind. She thought he looked pretty hot. He smiled back at her with a big smile and she almost instantly blushed. His smile got a little bigger and he looked towards the front of the class room. The teacher walked in and put his stuff on his desk. He then started to call out attendance.
    "Here" A brown haired boy in blue replied.
    "Here" A black haired blue eyed boy replied.
    "Here" The blonde haired girl answered.
    The list continued on until finally it seemed finished. The teacher had been looking around the room and slowly his gaze stopped at Will and Brad.
    "Who are you two?" He asked suspiciously. Irie looked at Will curriously.
    "Our parents were going through town and said that we had to go to a school today. My name is Will and my brother's name is Brad."
    The teacher looked at them suspiciously for another few seconds and then went up to the front of the class room.
    "I believe that it is time for a pop quiz. The first questions will be for our new students to see how much they know. Ok Will. Africa's Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. Which US state is it roughly the size of?"
    "None of them. It is about as big as the entire United States."
    The teacher looked aprasingly at Will.
    "That is the correct answer to the question. Now it is your turn Mr. Brad. The perimeter of an Isoceles triangle is thirty. Which of the following numbers cannot be the base from the following answers: 1, 5, 10, or 15?"
    "15." Brad calmly said as soon as the teacher had finished saying the question.
    The teacher continued to quiz the rest of the class as the day wore on. Finnaly a bell rang and the students started to get up out of their seats.
    "See you later!" The teacher yelled as the students started to leave. Brad and Will got up with the rest of them and started out into the hallway. They went outside and sat down on some benches. Will quickly looked around and saw the blonde girl Irie looking at him surrounded by a group of her friends. Will looked at Brad who already knew what Will was thinking about.
    "Go for it." He said slowly.
    As soon as the words were out of Brad mouth Will was almost already at the group. He went over towards the guys and said, "Hey people. What's up?" He said to the guys. The guys looked him over and accepted him almost immediatly. He soon knew almost all of their names. Then the guys (him included) went over and meshed with the group of girls. They started talking about the upcomming dance that was suppposed to happen tonight. Will found himself standing next to Irie. "Hey." He said. She looked over at him and nodded her head. Will looked over at some of the other guys. One of them shimmered. He was another different person. The rest of the day went uneventful. Will and Brad headed to the store picked up as many geroceries as they could carry. While going through the isles they sighted Irie looking very bored. As soon as she saw them she started to smile and walked over.
    "Hey." She said.
    "Hello." Brad said with a suspicious look in his eyes.
    "Hey I had an idea and was wondering........"
    "Shoot." Will said calmly.
    "Would it be ok if I came over to your guys house? Do you think your parents would mind?"
    Will looked over at Brad with a despreratly pleading look in his eyes. Brad looked like he was deep in thought for a moment or two and then looked at Irie looking her over.
    "I guess she can come over." He said.
    Will and Brad picked up the rest of the grocieries that they needed (with a little help from Irie) and started to head back to camp. When they got there Irie looked around with a suspicious look in her eyes.
    "Is this where you guys live?"
    "Yep. Me and Brad live here. We have been roming around a lot since our parents died."
    "Owwwwwww. I am so sorry." Irie said sadly.
    "It is fine. We have gotten used to it over the years." Brad said nonchalontly. "How about you two hang out while I make dinner?"
    Will and Irie sat down around the fire and talked for a while.
    "Hey, I had an idea." Will said, as calmly as possible.
    "What?" Irie said, immeadiatly interested.
    "I know this is kinda sudden and all, but i was wondering.............if you'd like to.........go to the dance tommorow night with me?"
    Irie looked at him. She looked up and down his body, her eyes finally resting on his. She held his gaze for about 30 seconds and then broke out smiling.
    "I'd love too!" She said. "However, my parents are going to freak if I am not home before dinner. I think I am gonna head home now."
    Will leaned over and kissed her check. "Goodnight." He said, blushing profusly.
    She smiled even wider and started to head off towards the town.
    "Looks like you've got yourself a date my brother." Brad said as he brought the grilled chese sandwhiches over.
    "Looks like I do." Will said.
    They ate the sandwhiches in silence and then headed off to bed, each brother thinking their own thoughts.