• My eyes kept darting back to the man's eyes that kept darting back to mine. It was like playing a silly children's game. I tried to ignore him, but his eyes were so irresistable.They were dark blue with a thick black ring around the iris. He had straight, light brown hair that slightly hung over his eyes, he was thin but muscular, and even though he was sitting, I could tell he was tall.
    I was sitting on the left side of a bench in the park and he was sitting on the other end. It was dark out and the lights were dim, but even that couldn't shadow his handsome face. I glared at him with a touch of sullenness.
    " I dont mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but are you always this red?" he asked in a deep seductive voice. I felt my face get warm. Now I knew I was bright red.
    "N-no," I stuttered.
    "Then why are you red now?" he asked.