• "And we need this fiendish over indulegent little dog we know as your sister to help us?" Tim practically spat.

    "Yes, we do." I retorted angerily.
    My sister could be as Tim said she was, but still. Morals first. I grabbed a pale strand of blond hair and started twisting it around my index finger. It caught on a dark blue ring, so I paused to untangle it.

    "Vanessa, I tell you it's wrong. She wouldn't care." Tim was yelling now.
    I gave him The Stare and he lowered his voice.
    "Can she help us?" He whispered. I shrugged. I was inside my two story house and it was right after school. Jane would be home soon. I heard the thundering on the brick before Tim.

    "Man your stations!" I screamed as the door burst open. For one solid minute, 4 six-year olds stood in the old wood doorframe. They glared at us. My red headed sister was leading them.

    "We're hungry!" My sister proclaimed to the world and a bunch of snarls came from her friends the savages. I put one hand behind my back, groping at the marble counter top for a weapon. A carrot peeler was all I could reach but it'd have to do.

    A boy named James was the first to lounge. I let out a yelp and dived under the kitchen sink before he could get his sharp teeth on me. I pointed the carrot peeler at him, trying to get him to back up so I could start making a snack. Tim was being trapped against a wall with no escape.

    "Alright you. Outta my way." I tried swatting at James but he bit my arm and held on. I yelped and batted him on the head with the carrot peeler. He hung on, one blue eye glaring at me. Tim had gotten away as was quickly preparing the snacks for all of the little beasts-er-angels.

    I grabbed a banana out of the glass bowl and threw it at James. He let go of my arm and attacked the banana like it owed him money. Most of the kids were calming down.

    Tim slumped against the wall and slid down. I sat next to him and took a deep breath. My sister was suddenly standing indiginately in front of me. She held out her palm. I slammed an apple into it, ready to collapse.

    "I thought you said you would talk to your sister about her, 'friends'." Tim managed to wheeze out. I shrugged. She hated me anyway. I stood up and Tim followed suit. I went to the door and opened it up. He staggered out and I waited from him to catch his breath.

    "Same time tomorrow?" He nodded and started limping home. I turned around and shut the door. Yep, same time tomorrow to feed the beasts.