• Complete darkness. In her sleeping subconscious, this was all Zettai could see a majority of the time. There were no emotions, no pleasant dreams, no hopes, no fantasies to visit the girl in her sleep. Only the emptiness and the occasional nightmare. But occasionally there was something that visited her in her sleep, someone actually. Who it was she was unsure, it wasn't a person that she had met in real life, or had seen. A face like his was one that she would remember. Cold, beautiful, eyes of glowing eyes of gold, hair a long, gorgeous silver, skin as pale as moonlight, one so elegant was not someone who could be so easily forgotten. The male was one that she could remember even when she was awake, though she did not know his name or who he really was. He would show up in her dreams and talk to he about the things that she had done that day, things she had done in the past, or what her plans for the future were. When ever he was around her dreams weren't dark and bleak, but actually had some color, some life to them. Like now.
    “ You are nothing more then a human child. What in the world makes you think you have the will power, the strength, the ability to restore this world to what it once was?” “ That's not my goal, you know that.” “ You say that but...” “ But what?” Laying back against the warm brown sand Zettai turned her attention to the male beside her, his eyes focused on the ocean waves lightly beating the shore in front of them. When ever the golden eyed male visited her in her dreams they always ended up talking some where nice. This time it was on an beach empty of people and buildings, last time it had been in hot spring in the middle of the jungle, who knew where it would be next time.
    “ But what?” the woman repeated, slim fingers tapping lightly against her bare stomach. Even though she had asked the question twice now she knew this was one of those questions that wouldn't be answered for awhile. He would do what he always did for certain questions; His demeanor would become still, unfeeling, everything about him would seem to stop as if the time around him froze. Those golden eyes of his would give off a faint glow as they stared into the scenery before them. Eyes that held such depth, such knowledge, they were scary in a way. Depending on the question he normally stayed like that way for awhile. Some times he answered her and at others he left her wondering, never answering her question at all.
    Rolling onto her stomach the red haired female rested her head against her arms, deciding she would rather sit here and relax then boggle her mind over what he was going to say next. The man was so mysterious and it drove her crazy! He was rarely ever straight foreward and loved to make her run around in cirlces for an answer. Even so he managed to help her when she needed it, some how. Even though he was just a fragment of her imagination he always gave her the best advice and some how managed to warn her of things. It was...odd.
    “ I think I'll tell you later. Besides, time for you to wake up.” “ What?! No you can't do that!” He looked at her, a grin on his pale features, “ I can do what ever I want. After all, I am god.”
    Opening her eyes Zettai growled at the feeling of the cold damp earth beneath her. She had some how managed to wiggle out of her sleeping bag and the tent again. Her peach skin was now covered with clumps of brown due to the dirt and mud from the night before, strands of red hair now looking a much darker, nastier color. Sitting up she brushed the dirt off of her face, looking back at her tent, the sound of anothers light breaths from within. Nikushimi was still asleep it seemed.
    “ Stupid dream,” she grumbled, standing up and attempting to get some of the wet grass from her legs. “ What in the hell did he mean by 'I am god'? And where does he come off not answering my question?” sighing she shook her head, deciding not to get so riled up over a dream, it was, after all, nothing but a dream with no real meaning probably.
    Zettai looked up at the cloudy sky above, ominous clouds looming over head. It was going to start storming soon...Great, just what she needed. But lucky the trees of Inukami Forest, previously Hakutai Forest until Infinite took over, would shelter them until they decided to get on the move again.
    " Let me go wash off..." heading inside of the large blue and black tent Zettai carefully moved herself around, avoiding the little girl curled up in her sleeping bag while grabbing her own back pack, almost falling over in the process.
    Managing to make it out without awakening her tent mate she slung her bag over her shoulder, heading a bit further into the forest. She remembered hearing stories from her father about how this place used to be filled with grass Pokemon of all shapes and sizes. How happy they were and how easily they got along with the people that came through their home. Seeing his place now it was a little hard to believe that. There were barely any Pokemon around to inhabit the forest, and those that could be found were meaner then a Charizard that had its tail pulled multiple times. She couldn't help but to wonder what had happened to them. Maybe they were just like her though, lost and wondering around, angry because everything they loved had been snatched away from them, anything was possible.
    Reaching the lake she undressed herself, black night dress thrown against the rocks, her little hair clip removed and placed carefully into her bag. The hair clip wasn't a hair clip at all, but instead the Hanada City gym badge, but had been made into a hair clip years ago. It was the only thing that Zettai still had to remember aside from a few pictures.
    Slipping into the cool water she let out a sigh of relief, deciding to sit for a moment instead of actually doing anything. Today they would be packing up their things and heading into Inukami City, getting a hotel room, and looking for the Infinite base there. From what she had heard about the place it wouldn't be that hard though. The man in charge of Inukami city was arrogant and flamboyant in every way possible, flaunting all of his money and power. He was a fool, powerful, but a fool none the less. And fools were easy to kill.