• Sung Min walked into the club as music filled the air. The girls that were available there started crowding around him. Sung Min, who was a playboy winked at any girl that caught his attention. The bouncer made way for him to walk through.

    Sung Min walked towards the bar and leaned against the counter as he asked for his drink. As he stood there sipping his drink, suddenly a girl came up to him and whispered in his ear.

    “Mind buying me a drink?” She whispered.

    Sung Min smirked and placed his hand around her waist.

    “Sure.” Sung Min said as he signaled the waitress for a drink.

    When the drink came, the girl picked it up and took a sip.

    “You’re hot babe.” Sung Min whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

    The girl smirked and turned around and looked at Sung Min. After finishing her drink, she pulled Sung Min closer to her and crushed her lips against his. As they kissed, Sung Min bit her lower lip not wanting to let her go.

    But then, she broke the kiss and smiled at him.

    “I gotta go.” She said as she pushed Sung Min away lightly.

    She walked away from Sung Min as her figure vanished from Sung Min’s eyes. Sung Min smiled as he could taste the mix of liquor and her cherry lip gloss. Sung Min licked his lips as he felt as if her lips were still there.

    The next day, Sung Min went to the club again expecting to see her and without disappointment she was there at the bar stand sipping on her drink. Sung Min walked towards her and placed his hands on her hip.

    “You look awesomely gorgeous my dear.” He said.

    She pulled his hand away and turned to look at him. She drank down her drink and traced her fingers on his collar as she looked at Sung Min lovingly. She bit her lower lip as she traced her finger towards Sung Min’s lips.

    “Yesterday was sweet.” She said as she kissed Sung Min at the corner of his lips.

    Sung Min suddenly felt the urge to kiss her.

    “But, this is going to be the last one you’ll get from me.” She said again as she kissed Sung Min.

    As they kissed, Sung Min felt something cold rolling down his cheeks. Sung Min didn’t know what it was. After some while, she let go of Sung Min and looked down.

    “Don't forget me..” She whispered in his ear.

    She placed and envelope next to his arm and left him there dumbfounded. After she was gone, he looked down at the envelope and opened it.

    Hey player,

    Do you remember me? It’s me Sang Jin, your childhood friend. I know that you won’t remember me. I heard from people that you turned into a player when you moved to the city. I don’t think a person like you would want to remember a friend who’s from a country side. I loved the kiss we shared and I hope I can keep on kissing you but it’s too late. There’s nothing I can do. The reason I came to find you was to give you this.

    Will love you always and forever, Sang Jin

    After reading the content, Sung Min pulled out a card from the envelope. It was a wedding invitation. Sung Min felt like he was trembling while opening the card. Tears threatened to fall when he saw that Sang Jin was getting married.

    Sung Min quickly went into his car and stayed there. Tears fall as he felt regret. The last time he saw Sang Jin was 10 years ago when they were in middle school. They were friends since elementary school and he only started to like her in middle school. They had been friends since the first day of elementary school.

    Sung Min regretted for not telling her earlier and finding her back. That night at his apartment, he sat at his living room, gulping down cans and cans of beers down his throat. Tears fell as he kept staring at the invitation.

    The wedding was just in three days time. The day before the wedding, Sung Min gained his confidence and decided to go to her wedding. He went out that day and decided to buy her a wedding present.

    The next day, Sung Min stood in front of the chapel as he held his present for her. He took a deep breath and walked into the chapel. As soon as he stepped into the chapel, Sang Jin’s parents recognized him.

    “Oh my, Sung Min. It’s been years since we last saw you.” Sang Jin’s mother said.

    “Auntie, Uncle it’s nice to see the both of you again.” Sung Min said as he tried to smile.

    Sang Jin’s father smiled as he nodded his head.

    “Why don’t you go see Sang Jin for the last time before I hand her over to Jong Hyun.” Sang Jin’s father said as if he understood Sung Min’s feelings.

    “Thank you, uncle.” Sung Min said as he left for Sang Jin’s dressing room.

    Sang Jin was alone in the dressing room, so Sung Min went inside and closed the door behind him.

    “Dad?” She said softly.

    Sung Min didn’t answer but instead he let her talk.

    “I… don’t know if I should get married to Jong Hyun. I just don’t feel like he's the right one for me.” She said with a sad tone.

    “Dad,actually... I love someone else but I don’t know if he feels the same way.” Sang Jin said.

    Sung Min wanted to know who, so he tried to imitate Sang Jin’s father’s voice.

    “Who is that person?” Sung Min said in his imitated voice.

    “Sung Min. I’ve been in love with him for so long and that feeling is still there. Every time I try to erase it, it just comes back.” Sang Jin said.

    Sung Min locked the door and the lock made a sound.

    “Dad, why did you lock the door?” She said looking up to see Sung Min standing behind her in the mirror.

    “Sung Min.” Sang Jin said surprised.

    “Sang Jin, Actually... I've been in love with you for so long.” Sung Min said as he hugged her.

    “Even though we feel the same way, but I’ve promised to share the rest of my life with Jong Hyun.” Sang Jin said as she looked down.

    Tears fall as she started sobbing.

    “I’m sorry.” Sang Jin said.

    “No, it’s okay. I think it’s time we let this feeling of ours go and put it in the past. Even though it’s going to hurt, but we just can’t go back to time.” Sung Min said.

    “And, please let this one be the last.” Sung Min said as he pulled Sang Jin into a deep kiss.

    After they broke the kiss, Sung Min planted a kiss on her forehead. He placed the present on her dresser and left her alone in the room.

    During the vow, Sung Min listened as tears rolled down his cheeks. And as for Sang Jin, she decided to take in what Sung Min told her.

    She gulped down her saliva and answered confidently.

    “I do.” Her voice said.

    That night, Sang Jin and Jong Hyun went for their honey moon. And during that time, Sang Jin opened the present that Sung Min gave her. She opened it to see a portfolio that was filled with pictures of Sang Jin and Sung Min since the first day of elementary school till their last times together.

    Tears fell as she remembered of the memories they’ve left deep in their heart. At the last page, there was a letter written to her.

    Dear Sang Jin,

    I’m sorry if I didn’t recognize you that night. What you heard was true. I did turn into a playboy. I stayed up all night last time to find back all our memories and put this portfolio together. I hope you like it. Even though it hurts to leave you but you should be in capable hands. And I’ll pray for your happiness day and night without having to worry. Always remember me.

    Love, your one and only Sung Min…

    A tear rolled down her cheek as she wiped it away. She closed the portfolio and hugged it. Then, Jong Hyun reached and took the seat next to her. She placed the portfolio away and hugged his arm.

    “I love you.” Sang Jin said to Jong Hyun.

    “I love you too.” Jong Hyun said.

    “I’ll always remember you Sung Min. Our memories would always be stuck with me. I’ll also pray for your happiness. I love you Sung Min.” Sang Jin said in her heart as she smiled.