• My earliest memory? That would have to be my mom coming in at strange hours of the night with weird guys. I don’t remember any of their names just that as soon as they would leave mommy would have a whole new set of scratches and bruises to take care of. I remember that she would always tell me “Suki, don’t believe a guy when he says ‘I love you,’ that’s just code for ‘I want in you pants.’” I was 12 when I was taken away from her and put into McClain’s boarding school.


    Age: 17
    Need-2-knows: Suki doesn’t believe in love though she does believe in sex. She’s known as the school slut because well she tends to sleep around a bit.


    Age: 16
    Need-2knows: a well known playboy who hooks up with Suki one time but now can’t get her out of his head.


    Age: 16
    Need-2-knows: She is Suki’s best friend which, due to their clashing personality’s, doesn’t really make since.