• Dear Reader allow me to tell you happens before our true story unfolds,

    When I was little I always wondered what was up in the stars, what was above the clouds and in heaven itself. I wondered if legendary Pokemon had their own domain up there, wondering around freely and happily, watching over us, protecting us. Human beings watched over the Pokemon on Earth and they protected us in return, surely Pokemon such as Arcreus and Cresselia watched over everyone, or at least that’s what I thought at the time.

    I could still remember the sound of my mother’s voice as she read me stories of the legendary Pokemon and their feats though out history and how they came to form our world. It was captivating, amazing, fantastic even! I would lay wide eyed in my bed, listening, telling her to go on when she stopped and begging her to continue when she told me I had to go to bed. As soon as she cut on my night-light and shut the door I would run to my window and climb onto the tree branch that was just under my window sill. I would sit there for hours, watching the moon above and the wild Pokemon below. I would sing along with the Pidegy sometimes, and on rare occasions when I was feeling really playful I would climb down and run to the Pokemon ranch our neighbors owned, playing with the baby Pokemon as long as their mothers would let me.

    As a teenager these thoughts and memories were just some of the few that kept me from losing my mind. I had lost my parents when I was nine and as it turned out it was their deaths that started a catalyst for something much greater. The famous Satoshi, Pokemon Master and Kanto league champion along with his wife water Pokemon expert Kasumi, had been murdered. My father had been killed in his sleep while my mother was reading to me. When she found him in their bed with a stab wound to the heart she called the police and began packing my things. I was only five at the time so I don’t remember what really went on that night, but the sight of her terrorized face was etched in my mind forever.

    Once the police had talked to my mother they escorted us to Pewter City, telling us to stay with until further notice and that we would be safe with Takeshi and his wife Mizu. Sadly not even the rock gym leader could protect us, he to was murdered along with my mother two weeks after we arrived. His wife had gone into shock the moment she saw her husbands dead body and became mentally unstable. Because my godfather, Shigeru, had gone missing two years before all of this started and my grandmother had passed away only a week before my father there was no one to take care of me. I had to be taken to an orphanage in Snow Point City.

    As I was growing up I kept track of the news, turns out gym leaders, powerful trainers, and even Elite Four members were dying. A group by the name of Infinite was coming to power, making themselves known by getting rid of anyone and everyone that could get in their way. Those who they thought were weak such as Erika and Mikan were killed immediately. Strong gym leaders and trainers were given a chance to join the group. If they denied they were killed, some managed to get away though , and those that were accepted quickly flew up in the ranks of Infinite. Cities were quickly taken over, only selective few managed to keep their independence and fight off the terrible group. Not only were they abusing and killing people, but Pokemon also. But the time I was seven a combined total of one million Pokemon and people had been killed.

    Infinite used Pokemon as tools and something to experiment on, if one didn’t die in the wild because of a members so called ‘fun training‘then they died in a lab. No one dared to say anything about it though, if they valued their lives anyway. If someone said anything about Infinite in public they were taken to the lab and experimented on with the Pokemon. Soon an entire new race of people came into being, Pokemorphs. Half Pokemon, half human, and completely dangerous. Soon people stopped mourning for the Pokemon and humans, thinking noting of their deaths, their starvation, their young dying because they were left alone. It was probably this act on top of everything else that caused the legendary Pokemon to act in ways no one expected.

    When I was thirteen I had left the orphanage to enter a world that was completely upside down from when I left it so many years ago. It was ok for Pokemon and people to be killed in public for fun, it was ok for trainers to be marked and branded like trophies for Infinite members, hell, it was ok for any legal trainer to suddenly feel any and every bit pain ten times worse then their Pokemon did in battle.

    Despite the fact that I wasn’t old enough, let alone experienced enough to go out into the world by myself I knew that what was going on was wrong and someone had to stop it. Before I knew what I was doing or even worked things out in my head I had started to take on this evil force. I had found my godfather and received my first Pokemon from him, along with a female companion by the name of Nikushimi who would help me along the way.

    At the time I thought the two of us were doing to take down Infinite by ourselves and return the world to its natural order, we didn’t need anyone else. Little did I know that the legendary Pokemon that had watched over us for so long were now on Earth with the same goal. Not only were they looking to get rid of Infinite, oh no, as soon as they were done with the organization they were coming after the human race as a whole. Turns out Niku and I had gotten ourselves into something that would be impossible to get out of.

    Until next time,