• Shadow!"Sonic panted, "I've been looking for you everywhere." Shadow turned to him, "What is it Sonic?" "I have no idea, it's the general, he told us to meet him in area 53." They sped off.

    In area 53 they saw the general; "Ah Sonic , Shadow, nice to see you" he said, smiling. Then his smile dropped like a lead weight."i need you two to test my machine." They walked over to a machine - it looked as if it was rusted with sand around it, dull green lights glowing all over it, and there was a long rubber tube leading to a small pod. The general gestured towards the machine. "Sonic please step inside." He did. The general pulled a lever and sparks flew. They crossed their fingers....nothing happened. Sonic stepped out. "The machine creates one half of a person, and i wanted to see what happened with mobians. But of course it only works with certain people you see" explained the general. "My turn now" - Shadow stepped inside the machine and the general pulled the lever; sparks flew, and then a strange black liquid slid through the tube. The general opened the pod and gasped. eek