• "Great(!). Another dark forest..."
    Suddenly the van stopped.
    "Damn it..."
    Melody opened the door and walked round.
    "Stupid mud!"
    She tried to push the van out.
    Her long, blonde hair swept around her tiny shoulders.
    The old van was't doing well.
    "Come on!"
    She stopped for a minute.
    The forest was compledly void of life.
    No birds, insects and other life but still she felt as if something was watching her...
    "Mollie? Could you help me?"
    But Moliie didn't answer.
    She was gone.

    The Daily Sun. 13/6/03

    Melody Andrews daughter, Mollie, has gone missing in a forest in Aberdeenshire. Melody refused to comment.

    5 years later:

    Jessica was searching files. She need a new case. The Williams case was.... complete bullshit. No insurence and no damage. What the hell was the problem? Anyway she stumbled on a missing person case.
    She phoned up the reference number.
    "Hello? We are starting a major investagation for Mollie Andrews."