• “Prologue”

    Chapter 1
    The Decent

    On the dawn of the 25th century. Earth is at war.As cities laid in ruins, Forest devastated, bodies in every corner, and the last remaining humans are now fighting an unstoppable enemy, They call these enemies “Demons”

    In a ruined city six creature descends from the sky.

    Creature 1: Ready men! We’re entering the city now.
    Creature 2-5: Yes Sir!

    The six creature landed on a square, were once filled with people, Now only the decaying bodies and the chaos are left of it.

    Creature 2: This is horrible commander.
    Creature 1: Stay focus Shera
    Shera: yes sir Ferlion!
    Ferlion: Alright men! We have orders from the High Grace!
    We the Seraphs are sent here to scout and evacuate any human we see!
    We are to form a two man team, once you secure any humans your to
    transmit your location to us. If you see any demon try not to draw its attention this is a recue not an eratication! You got that!
    Seraphs: Sir yes sir!
    Ferlion: Now the team will be! David and Ther’lom,
    Celine and Jest, and finally Shera and I.
    Alright you got your order! Move out!

    The Seraphs quickly goes to different location to carry out their missions.
    Two goes to the north, the others to the west, and the last goes to the south.

    As Ferlion and Shera searching, They saw a shadowy figure on one of the windows. They quickly goes to the building to investigate what the figure is all about.

    Shera: *huff huff*
    Ferlion: Stay calm Shera.
    Shera: *Huff * yes sir *Huff*
    Ferlion: I know this is your 1st mission as a Seraph.
    Try to stay calm and you’ll do fine.
    Shera: Sir can I ask you a question?
    Ferlion: What is it?
    Shera: How did the Demons get pass the Realm Barrier?
    Ferlion: That’s a mystery to us also. But it seems those HellriftS are there
    doorway to these realm.
    Shera: But if a Demon and a Celestial crossed the Barrier they should have
    become flesh. Like what we are now.
    Ferlion: Your correct Shera, One must become flesh once entering the Earth Realm.

    As the two Seraphs walk in the corridor. They saw the shadowy figure at the end of it. Suddenly they rush to it, but it disappeared in the darkness.

    Shera: It got away sir!
    Ferlion: It seems so.

    Suddenly two figure appear behind the two Seraphs.
    Figure 1: Don’t move! Demons!
    Ferlion: Wait! we’re not demons. We’re Seraphs!
    Figure 1: What!? and you think I’m falling for that?
    Ferlion: Your a human right?
    Can you take me to your leader I have a important message for him!
    Figure 1:Hmm. What do you think Philip?
    Philip: Well if they’re Demons we would be fighting them by now.
    Right M?
    M: hmph. Ok we’ll take you to our leader. But don’t do anything funny or I’ll blow you to kingdom come!
    Ferlion: Understood.

    As M and Philip escort both Seraph to the underground city of Pablos.

    M: Ok, this is our city, its small but nice. Now follow me.

    As the Seraphs are now being taken to the command tent.
    They saw 1st hand on what remain of a once
    powerful race.

    Shera: Commander, are these the humans that we are looking for?
    Ferlion: Yes Shera, What you see here are the remaining humans of this world.
    Shera: Such sorrow I felt from them, how can such race still be living in this kind of state?
    Ferlion: You don’t underestimate Humans, Shera. Even in the darkest time.
    They will grasp the light they called “Hope”.
    Shera: Hope?
    Ferlion: Yes, its the light in their heart that makes Hope,
    As long as they have hope they will fight to live.
    Philip: Well some of us a slowly giving up hope.
    Shera: Why is that?
    Philip: We have been fighting the Demons for 20 yrs now.
    Most of our friends, family are either dead or became one of Necrox’s puppet.
    Ferlion: Necrox?
    M: He is the one in charge of “cleansing” all in this country,
    A demons with the power to raise the dead, and also corrupts ones heart.
    Philip: Its not easy to kill a friend or family you once knew.
    Shera: I’m sorry…
    Philip: Nah. Its ok once we defeat Necrox their souls should rest easily.
    Ferlion: Do you have a plan on how to defeat him?
    M: No. We haven’t have any clue for his defeat.
    We tried to assault his “Necropilis” but all we gain are more dead allies and he gain more minions.

    They arrive in a particular looking tent.

    M: This is it, our commander’s tent. Go in.
    Ferlion: Alright. Thank you for escorting us.

    Now the Seraphs have entered the tent to meet the leader of the city.

    End of Chapter