• "Get away from me!" I yelled.Then I began to growl.
    "Oh,you're human even better.I bet you taste delicious." he said with an evil laugh.
    "I said get away from me!!" I growled more and started showing my teeth.
    "Or what?I mean you can't actually hurt me." he replied with a smirk.
    "Yeah,but I can." a very familiar Werewolf emerged from the woods.
    "Stupid werewolf.Why would you save this fox?"he said still smirking.
    "Because....." the Werewolf said.
    I climbed up the tree. "the foxxie is smarter than the damn idiotic Vampire!" I jumped on the Vampire's head and began clawing and bitting him.While the Werewolf slammed into his body and made him fall on the ground.
    "Alright.Alright!" The Vampire said.He got up and left.

    "Thanks." I said to the Werewolf.
    "No problem." he replied.
    We sat there in silence and after 2 minutes I decided to break it.
    "So....what can I call you?" I asked him.
    "Sky,what may I call you?"
    "Call me Fox." I replied.
    "Okay.I'm really sorry I attacked you that one day."
    "It's okay."
    So me and Sky sat there,talking about everything teens talk about and crap.Their we sat the Fox and the Werewolf,predator and prey.I guess I'm glad my mom made us move.
    As the hours flew by,the morning would soon come.We said our good-byes and
    planned to meet up tomarrow.

    So remember when I said tomarrow,well tomarrow is now today.Time flew by fast.Ha.Today I also have to go shopping for that dude Sora's present.
    I walked through the town square,window shopping.I seen a guitar,but did he play guitar?I seen a really cool video game,but did he play games?Then suddenly a question popped in my head,What if Sora was a girl.So I need a gift that a girl or guy would like.What kind of gift would that be?
    Then finally something caught my eye.It was a guitar necklace.There was the chain part and then a black and red guitar hanging on it.Of course not a real guitar.
    As I stepped into the store,I seen somebody i thought i would never see again.