• Mathew stalked into California.
    "Toni.... come on toni... i know your here..."
    "Why..." a small dark laff was in the distance "I see you've found me..."
    Mathew sneared "And now you get to die! TRAITOR!!!"
    I will not let you escape for the destruction of our society!!!
    Toni jabbed out with a pointed spear just barely missing Mathew's head by an inch.
    "b*****d!!!" Mathew yelled as he Wrenched Toni's arm off from his body with Mathews bloody Katana.
    Then something strange...
    "hah...hahahaa.... hahah ehehe HAHAHAH" he started laffing
    "You Phyco!!"
    "yesss....." he said in a snake like accent
    "Aggh!!!" Mathew felt a sudden shock of pain as his mental thoughts were breached. no

    (End Of Chapter Two)