• Ray saw the fire envelop the two in a matter of seconds. A woman walking nearby heard the explosion and the fire rising above the buildings. She ran quickly down the street to see a group of black cars so she ducked herself behind a nearby dumpster. Ray looked over to his left and nodded slightly at another man leaning against one of the cars. He stood and walked towards the dying fire. He kicked the fire lightly to disperse it seeing the burned corpse of a man laying face down in the muddy ground. He turned to Ray and said

    "Its over, Anthony's done for."

    He quickly scanned for Delsus and sees him laying further down with his face in the mud. He only saw minor burns on Delsus' clothing but Delsus wasn't moving.

    "Leave the boy!" Ray exclaimed.
    "He's done with anyway."

    Before the man reached Delsus he turned around and returned to his vehicle. The others did the same, as Ray was entering his car he muttered a final prayer to Anthony and Delsus.

    "Looks like the key has been destroyed after all."

    He entered his car and they all drove off quietly and quickly. As the cars drove off the woman poked her head out and walked into the field where it all happened. She was looking around and almost tripped on something. She looks down and sees Anthony's body. She steps back and falls over whimpering, trying not to scream. A few feet down she sees something moving and she builds up enough courage to check it out. She slowly stands and begins walking towards the figure. She looks on in disbelief as she sees a small boy lightly whimpering with half his face covered in mud and blood. She quickly bends down and picks him up onto her lap. As she wipes the mud from his eyes she notices a large puddle of blood from where he laid. She also felt a thick liquid running between her fingers as she held him. She moves her hand and sees her hand covered in blood. She looks for the wound and realizes he's missing his left arm. Delsus looks at her with his barely focused eyes and smiles forcing out a few low words.


    He rests his head on her chest closing his eyes slowly. She gets up quickly with him in her arms.

    "Oh god. Hang on little one!"