• Emily was walking home from school, and her boyfriend just broke up with her. She was crying, and a tear fell on her arm. It burned, and caused the skin on her arm to melt away, which only made her cry more. A little girl, seven years of age, walked up to her, hugging her leg.
    "Can you please," Emily said, still crying. A tear fell on the girl's head, and the girl jumped back. She hugged Emily again, ignoring the melting hair on her head.
    Emily sniffled. "What's your name?" She said, looking down.
    "Cecelia." the girl said. She looked up at Emily. "Why are your eyes orange? They're pretty."
    "What?" Emily said. She reached in her bag and took out a mirror. She looked in it, and saw that her eyes had gone from blue to orange! "Hey, what the..." Emily said, as Cecelia disappeared.

    The next day on Emily's way back home, Cecelia walked alongside Emily.
    "Now your eyes are purple." Cecelia said.
    Emily ignored her. "OK."
    Cecelia nudged Emily's leg. Emily looked down at her. Cecelia ran straight towards a tree.
    "Wait!" Emily said, as Cecelia ran straight through it. Emily slowly stopped running, and stood there. Cecelia twirled around, and smiled.
    "Cool, huh?" Cecelia said. "I'm a-"
    Emily screamed. Her tears fell to the ground, and a hole burned through the cement. Emily slowly fell into a black and never ending void, and Cecelia fell in with her.
    "I'm a ghost!" Cecelia said, her eyes glowing red.
    "What?" Emily said, her eyes turning blue again.
    "See?" Cecelia said, as she took Emily's body over.

    "STOP!" Emily said.
    Cecelia kept on. She flew through the air, and suddenly landed in a tree. Cecelia jumped out of Emily's body. She smiled.
    Cecelia took a knife out, and before Emily could scream, slit Emily's throat. Emily's head fell to the ground, and a tear fell from her eye. a hole formed, and her head dropped. No one ever saw Emily's head again, they only found her body.

    Cecelia was walking through town with a teenager a few weeks later, and ran ahead.
    "CECELIA!" The girl yelled, as Cecelia ran through the tree.
    Cecelia twirled around and grinned.
    Cecelia said to the girl, "Your eyes are purple."