• **** (Valentine’s Day)
    “Good Evening, Mi-chan!” I stopped in my tracks. Ri-chan... he was in an elegant black suit, white shirt and a jet black tie, his long brown hair draped carefully over his shoulder and a mischievous smile on his face. He looked down at himself. “What? You’ve never seen a man in a suit with flowers here to see you?” I hadn’t looked at his hands – he was carrying a large bunch of red roses and a large heart-shaped box of chocolates. It was then I noticed Tsu-chan behind him, dressed casually in jeans and a plain tee. I blushed. What’s going on?
    “Come in, come in... the house is open!” Ri-chan stepped in, followed closely by Tsu-chan. He handed the flowers and chocolates to her, and then... began to work his magic on me. I barely had time to react as he pushed me to the wall, kissing my throat... Tsu-chan was going back and forth between the cars (What? Two cars? Ri-chan’s Lexus and Tsu-chan’s Dolly) and the house, carrying things in every time. She certainly sounded busy in the kitchen... Ri-chan certainly kept me busy in the hallway, kissing and caressing. Damn... that should be illegal... It seemed minutes before he gently led me to the Living Room, where he continued his work. His lips paused on my cheek. I took the opportunity. “...What are you doing? If you’re trying to keep me occupied... it’s working. And-” He smiled.
    “Well, it’s nice to see you’re enjoying it.” His eyes flashed as he smiled wider. “I thought you’d like a surprise. Here we are, surprising you.”
    “Bu-but I’m the host... I’ll feel guilt-”
    “And? We’re the ones surprising you. Just... relax and let ‘Lex do his thing. I’ll do mine.” Tsu-chan had walked in with an apron on. I must have had an interesting look on my face.
    “Don’t worry, Mi-chan! I assure you that Kat will cook well! A meal truly fit for a princess... a meal to make you mine for an evening.” I blushed. And he took that opportunity to sit me down on the sofa, grabbing a box on the coffee table as he sat beside me. A black box tied up with black ribbon. He smiled as he opened the box. It was a large box... I gasped as I saw what was in there. Two dresses, identical except for size – one would fit, the other wouldn’t unless... “You like? Hmm, you seem surprised...” he teased. “...Naturally I’d know your measurements before and after.” He paused to stroke my cheek. “Something...” He moved so that his cheek brushed mine. “...that has made me wonder...” His hands moved to my back and I could feel his hands moving to undo my bra. I froze – a force of habit learnt over the years – and his lips grazed my ear. “Relax...”
    “B-b-b-b-but...” I was getting redder and redder, but he continued. His hands moved to grip my upper arms, pulling me to lie on top of him. He rolled us over and onto the floor, me now underneath. “Ri-chan...” This is bringing up some bad memories of childhood... His fingers covered my mouth before I could say more. His cheek brushed mine again. His lips met mine as his hands reached for my thighs. I struggled against him as his hands then moved to remove my top. He pulled me up to kneel with him, keeping me close with one arm. He removed my top, but not the cami underneath. He’d even pulled my skirt over my head – that came off easily. I couldn’t move against him – damn vice like grip and telekinesis. As one of his hands moved to the back of my neck, I realised – all the points he’d grabbed were the Mod Unit points – his hands held my Mod Units. He put the last one in on the back of my neck... I logged in, transforming to my ETHAwared form. I shivered. I was cold because a draft blew in. He smiled at me.
    “See? I told you to relax.” I blushed again. His smile widened as he pulled me close again. I could feel his lips in my hair as I inhaled his oriental, musky scent, a scent infused with spices and rose... my senses are heightened with the Mod Units. I then realised... Ri-chan was also logged in. He pulled my chin up so I was looking into his eyes. Dark emeralds, smouldering with passion. He certainly had more in store for me tonight. Oh yes – I could see it in his eyes. He ran his fingers through my hair. “So... shall we see how that dress fits?” I was too embarrassed to speak, so I just nodded. He put on a serene face, and then smiled sweetly. We stood up and he handed me the dress. He then made an act of looking away whilst I removed my cami and put the dress (and matching underwear) on. It fit perfectly, naturally. The top was like my Mithrim – scaled and revealing a lot of flesh – the bottom was more traditional with a large, puffy skirt that flared from just below the widest part of my hips. The other one was the same, but with straps and a shawl, I noticed. Damn, he’s good. It wouldn’t make me look fat at all. I smiled as I finished doing it up at the back, with his help – all black ribbon everywhere. I blushed, but he just took my hand and led me into the kitchen. I gasped as... surely this wasn’t the same kitchen as I had left? Too tidy, too glamorous! The black tablecloth shimmered under the light given by the black candles. The black plates shone along with the silver cutlery. The pewter napkins and wine glasses added to the beauty of the scene. The centrepiece of the table consisted of the pewter candlestick holder with vines and black roses both wrapped around it and on the table surrounding the holder... I must have gone crimson, because Ri-chan instantly had his arms around me, stroking my hair. I was certainly not used to this...
    “Shush, it’s okay...”
    “Th-th-th-th...” I just couldn’t speak. I was embarrassed because no-one had done anything like this for me before. I heard Ri-chan chuckle.
    “She’s like this.... she hasn’t even had the food yet!” He squeezed me. “Mi-chan, it’s okay, y’know.” He released me just to grab my shoulders and lower his face to mine. I blushed a deeper shade of crimson. He ran his lips across my cheek. “Have the food, then attempt to thank us, ‘kay?” I nodded. “Good!” He let go of my shoulders in favour of my hand. He kissed the back of my hand. “My Lady... may I offer you a seat? I do believe that dinner will be served...” He then led me to the table and sat me down. I then noticed the table was only set for two, but before I could ask, Tsu-chan had laid down our starter.
    “For Starters.... A Seafood Platter served with a sweet sauce...” She bowed and exited into the Living Room. I could hear her start moving things about... Ri-chan’s offer of a prawn brought me back to the table. We fed each other the glorious seafood... prawns, scallops, abalone and a healthy dollop of caviar... Wow. All perfect and... Surely too expensive for me to be having? As I pondered this thought over the last mouthful of seafood, Ri-chan’s warm finger brushed the hand I had left on the table. His warmth... soothed my troubled thoughts. He sighed as he drew a heart into the back of my hand with his finger. He leaned over the table to kiss my cheek as I flushed.
    “...Mi-chan, do you recall the date today?” I blushed. I admit I hadn’t even looked at the calendar today...
    “No... I admit I don’t...” He chuckled. What had I... Damn. A hazard I usually skip in February... I hadn’t realized it was two weeks...
    “That’s okay. I remember that you usually try to skip this particular festival...” He kissed my cheek again. “Why do you avoid St. Valentine’s Day?”
    “Oh... yeah...” His eyes narrowed.
    “You, the eight-winged heart... Why would you miss a festival designed to show love?” His hand reached to my face, which must have looked pained in some way. “Oh, Mi-chan...” His hand brushed over my cheek before he gripped my face with both hands. “Were you hurt...? ... Did your heart...? ... Are you afr-“ Every pause was a kiss on the lips, but at the last one... I must have really shown pain. His eyes softened, his voice a whisper as he kissed my cheek. “I’m sorry... I didn’t realise...” I’d closed my eyes. His lips found mine, his tongue parting my lips gently. Our tongues tangled as they found each other. He then retreated, so to speak and he smiled as I opened my eyes to meet his. “I promise you, my little Mirari... I will never hurt you in that way...” I blushed again... Yes... Every Valentine’s Day I can remember, something happened that made me upset – and it was usually the ‘Popular’ people in school or the ‘Unpopulus’. Cruel, horrible jibes every year about... well, everything. It was always worse on Valentine’s Day... that and the fact I’d never had someone... well, that changed a few years back, since I met Ri-chan. But I still ducked and dived around February the Fourteenth... force of habit, I suppose. Hahahaaa... and every year since I’d known Ri-chan, he’d try to surprise me – although I could tell what he was going to do and... well, dodge it. But this year... I’d been neglectful. When he saw me smile slightly, he grinned. “So... I caught you this year!” He made a playfully evil face. “Ah... Now that I have you... I have to make up for the years I missed you... Oh what evils can I devise...” He grinned again. Tsu-chan returned and Ri-chan sat back down. She smiled as she replaced the remains of our starters with a new dish.
    “Your Main Course – Roast Beef with a Surprise sauce!” She smiled at me. “You’ll enjoy this, Mi-chan!” I suddenly had a funny feeling... but tried a mouthful regardless. I must’ve flushed again, because Ri-chan stifled a laugh. I was blown away by the flavour... The best meat, the best sauce, the best I have ever had... I felt... relieved, but oh so ready for something... Even Ri-chan seemed.... looser after the main course. As we finished the Main Course, Tsu-chan entered brandishing two long handled forks. Ri-chan smiled and proceeded to lead me gently back into the living room, where... Tsu-chan had obviously been hard at work. The coffee table had been cleared and on it now rested a triple chocolate fountain - dark, white and milk chocolate flowing already – surrounded by nibbles to dip into the chocolate... fruit, biscuits and more chocolates... and to have Ri-chan... Tsu-chan brought me back to reality when she bade us farewell – alas, her squad were still on mission tonight. I panicked slightly until Ri-chan told me that he’d already cleared it with Libra and even Dextera. I was surprised to learn that Libra had suggested it herself! Hmm, it seemed that everyone was in on this already... Not surprising when most people have precognitive skills, I suppose. When Tsu-chan’s car was heard pulling away, Ri-chan pulled me down to sit on his lap. He started twisting a lock of my hair, a slightly serious look on his face.
    “Mi-chan. You’ve been zoning out on me quite a lot this evening. Talk.” This is how he is sometimes. He worries about me a lot. When I fell off a cliff, he caught me. When I was lost, he found me and led me home. When Light attacked me, he defended me and attacked her. My blunt angel, always to the point – but the right point. Sometimes I just can’t see why he stays with a pathetic depressive like me... but he’s there. He stopped fiddling with my hair and put one arm around my waist - leaning back so we were lying on the sofa. I blushed, a brilliant crimson, and buried my head in his chest.
    “It-it-it’s j-j-j-j-just that n-n-n-n-no-one’s d-d-d-d-done sum-sum-something like th-th-this before for m-m-m-me o-o-on o-o-or f-f-f-for V-v-v-v-valent-t-t-tine’s...” I paused to breathe. “I-i-i-i-I j-j-just th-th-think that I-i-I’m n-n-not w-w-w-worth i-i-i-it...” My voice lost its power. I could hear and feel him laugh.
    “You silly little thing! That’s what’s been bugging you?” He put one hand around my neck, stroking around my hairline. His other hand traced down my pretty much bare back as he laughed. “Look, I’ve said this before... you are worth it.” He chuckled. “It seems even miracles need a hand, eh?” I put my arms around his chest, looking up at his now smiling face. He pulled me up his body so that he could kiss my still warm cheek. I immediately relocated my arms so that they linked around his tanned neck. He crossed his hands behind my back, holding me close to him. We just lay there, listening to each other’s breathing and our heartbeats. So warm... We were there for a long time before he broke the silence. “Be mine...” He stroked my cheek, which was now under his chin. Every touch was so soft. So... sensual. His other hand traced a line down my back again. But it went further this time... tracing down my legs where he could feel them, then back up to my thighs again. I moved to kiss his neck and then his lips, which parted easily. His breath (although smelling of surprise sauce) was calming and full of promise. I kissed his lips again. He then rolled us over – I was surrounded by warmth with him on top and the warm sofa beneath – and he began to undo my dress. I removed his jacket... It blurred from then as we stripped each other to the underwear and teased each other with the molten chocolate. Oh, how the hot chocolate burned, but a soothing tongue soon cooled it off and removed the chocolate. Occasionally Ri-chan would melt chocolate on his tongue and proceed to tangle our tongues. The sweet taste of the chocolate and his naturally sweet taste... heaven sent. Oh so naughty. Hands explored bodies, being gentle when underwear was reached. Hmm, let’s just say I could feel his arousal against my thigh as he kissed my neck. This sort of action continued far into the night... it all blurred...
    I awoke lying on top of Ri-chan. We were still in our underwear – nothing went further than a gentle touch through fabric. His silk boxer shorts still bulged slightly under me, I noticed. My bra and shorts were still smooth, if looking slightly damp with sweat. I thought back over the events of the past few hours. Yes, he had certainly made up for all the years. No, it went no further than gentle caresses. Yes, we were still in our underwear. No, I couldn’t actually remember it all – just that we had been very... sinful. I was lying curled up over his chest and abdomen. Damn... it makes me feel short in comparison – even more so normally. He moved in his sleep, putting his arms around me, pulling me closer to his chest. His face looked pained – was he having a bad dream?
    “No... Raphael, let go of her...” He squirmed slightly. “Mi-chaaaaaaaaan.... No...” I froze. He looked in such pain and I couldn’t do anything... “Run. Run now, don’t look back. GO! RUN!” An idea struck me. Someone once said I really could get in people’s heads. Well, now’s a good chance to try and prove them right. I had a funny feeling... Without thinking, I put my hands to his face, thumbs to his temples and fingers resting by his jaw.
    Show me... let me share your pain... Let me see things in your Mind’s Eye...
    It faded to black. It was starting again... a repeating vision, I felt. It was black. There was a little light, just enough to see the roof edge and the shadows of surrounding buildings. A figure in a black cloak brandished a weapon – a blood stained katana, inlaid with jewels.
    “Raphael.” The name poured from my mouth in Ri-chan’s smooth voice, filled with hate. I then saw – the figure was holding the katana to a beaten up girl’s throat. The girl had been beaten to submission... I gasped inside. Tsu-chan. “No... Raphael, let go of her...” Too late. He sliced her neck halfway through. She slumped as he let go of her. There was nothing I could do – I knew I couldn’t move at all. I suddenly felt hopeless and then all the pain hit me - I sank to my knees. I couldn’t move as the figure – Raphael Senran – moved towards me readying for an attack. I was bleeding heavily, too. Things blurred around the edges...
    “Ri-chan!” We both looked towards the familiar, loved, new voice. I was standing there. Me, cut and bleeding heavily, holding a katana like Raphael’s. Raphael looked enraged at the sight of the katana in my hand, and turned to face... and ready to attack.
    “Mi-chaaaaaaaaan.... No...” Tears welled up, the vision became blurry. “Run. Run now, don’t look back. GO! RUN!” Sight went completely... but everything was clearly heard. I could only taste blood and defeat. I lost hope at the thought of ‘my Mi-chan’ fighting that fiend... he wouldn’t hold back... No! She’ll lose! Mi-chan.... The wet floor met my cheek. A peal of hard but relieved laughter as liquid flowed and someone slumped, then someone scurried away. A flash of light lit up my eyelids and I could hear Tsu-chan again, sobbing into someone’s chest... about me... I could only feel relief as I heard the familiar voice and hand on my neck.
    “He’s still with us... just.” Mi-chan. The only thought that filled my head, the one name. Mirari. Mi-chan. “Hold on... Please! Ri-chan!” I felt warm as the light filled my lids once again... I could move and opened my eyes. I had my head resting on her lap, a sweet smell of jasmine, honeysuckle and lilly-of-the-valley. Or is that my own lap? Hmm... feeling it from both points of view... Ach, so confusing...
    Things started to blur again – nothing to do with what Ri-chan was seeing in his mind, but because I was... well, slipping from his mind... It felt as if my mind was shattering... was Ri-chan’s mind alright?...
    “Mi-chan! Ar-Are you alright?” I suddenly was brought back to reality. Ri-chan’s face came into focus – he had been shaking my shoulders to wake me up. I blinked twice. The worried look on his face subsided. “You... did you just enter my mind?” I shook my head – I was confused.
    “Ri-chan... I’m just... It was... I... What was... What did...” He brushed my cheek with the back his fingers. “What did I see?”
    “That was... a nightmare. But... normally it ends with the darkness. Mi-chan...” He sat up, pulling me with him to sit on his lap. He smiled as he pulled my legs around him. “Now... how did you see that?” I shook my head.
    “I... don’t know...” He held my face in his hands.
    “Mi-chan...” His voice wasn’t pressing – I was just getting hysterical! It was all so confusing! And another power to the list! When would this end?
    “I don’t know! All I remember was seeing your face in pain... I felt like I needed to help... And then...” I replicated the position my hands were in, thumbs on his temples, fingers on his jaw. “...It just... I was you and it all...” He then put his arms around me and pulled me close to him again.
    “Mi-chan... It’s okay...” My head was on his shoulder, so I turned slightly.
    “Do you have that dream a lot?” I whispered softly in his ear... There was a silence. I wondered if I’d hit a sensitive spot. He put a hand into my hair.
    “Yes...” He sighed. “And I suppose you wonder who the man was?” I nodded. He shook his head. “I... don’t want to get you tangled further in my mess, Mi-chan.”
    “It’s a bit late for that... what, a few years late?”
    “No, it’s just the surface... Trust me.” It looked like he wouldn’t say anymore on that subject, and I certainly wasn’t going to force it out of him. I put my finger in the recess under his ear, meaning to trace a line downwards... and entered his mind. I tried to get across that I didn’t mean to do this, but Oh dear...
    This time, it was a room. Chests of drawers, cupboards and shelves filled the walls. They were filled with all sorts of books, little figurines and other little knick-knacks. I figured they represented people. I saw a little pair of scales that gave off the same sort of feeling as Libra! I felt as if I was intruding... But my eye was caught by two little chests alone on a small shelf to my left. One was pretty – wrought with black roses and decorated with gold and faceted stones that glittered in the dull light. Hmm. No shadows in this room. The other box was... well locked. It was hard to see the box’s details for all the locks and chains. This box was bigger than the pretty one – and I could hear whispering emanating from it... Senran... Miscenco... Caragiri... I turned away. It also gave off an air of deep sorrow and suffering. Although the two boxes gave off completely different vibes.... the same whispered name came from both – Miscenco. Miscenco. But the pretty little box also whispered another name... Mirari. The box gave off a sickeningly familiar waveform... Both boxes had an almost divine quality... both had locks – the pretty box had more than I first thought... I crumpled... my legs giving way as I felt my mind shatter again... It all went to black... What do I have to do with Miscenco? Who is Miscenco? What’s going on? Why me? Dreams of this Senran, Miscenco and... ETHER...
    Something stirred in my heart. A soothing presence that was always there, I just hadn’t noticed it for a long time. A big influence on things.... whispered soothing things, told me it was all nothing... I felt a hand on my forehead, stroking it gently. I then started to hear the conversation that had been going a while, it seemed....
    “...she’ll be fine, physically. Don’t worry, Sword. ”
    “But it’s my fault... It’s my entire fault...”
    “It’s not your fault...”
    “Yes. YES IT IS!” There was a sound of a fist hitting a hard surface. “I could have lied... or told her a little bit... If only I’d seen this!”
    “Alex. Listen to me. It wasn’t what she saw in there! It’s a new ability – weakness is natural. And the intimacy of it was bound to shock her. She’ll get used to it... I certainly did.” There was a long pause. The cold voice sighed. “Sometimes you screw up when you believe you’re doing the right thing. A protective move can hurt the one you’re trying to protect. It happens... and the best thing to do... sometimes it’s not what you first think of.”
    “I’m saying don’t linger over it.”
    “She’s still our superior. She’s stronger than that – she’s... well, a goddess!”
    “I wish I had as much confidence.”
    “It’s true. We knew she was a Triple Number as soon as the DNA was tested. But... this new ability puts her in the four plus category. Goddess. It puts her at the top of your league. You three are the only ones to have more than four abilities. And although it looks like you’ve saturated your potential, she’s got a lot more to go. Relax. There’s more to come.” The cold voice managed to chuckle. “You’ll need the nerve if you want to support her further, Alex.”
    “But... what if she hates me when she wakes up?”
    “We know her better than that.” There was a quiet spell, broken only by the occasional beep of a heart rate monitor and the constant buzz of machines working. “You know she enjoyed it really.” There was another pause. “You don’t need to go into that much detail, or exactly what you planned to do next.” Ri-chan... seemed relieved. Even Dexie seemed relaxed. “Firstly... be there when she wakes up. Secondly... act calm – she may already know what you’re hiding. And thirdly... don’t mess up the sheets too much... Blood is a pain to wash out.” Footsteps I heard meant Dexie was walking away. My mouth and nose had an air mask over them. The cold ETHER infirmary sheets felt rough against my skin. The bandages on my legs hurt. How long had I been out of it? And... my legs hurt?
    “Mi-chan...” His voice was filled with sorrow, the air full of sorrowful hues. I knew it wasn’t his fault... it was mine for prying. And I didn’t even see what I needed to figure things out. Damn it, he’s blaming himself. And I can’t find my body to tell him otherwise. “...Can you hear me? ... Mi-chan... It’s been nearly 24 hours. It’s Sunday morning...” He stroked one of my hands, then held it to his face. “...I’m sorry. I shouldn’t keep things like this from you. It involves you... so deeply. It involves my family history more. Maybe that’s why I was reluctant...” He paused. Was he looking at something? I could feel something wet against the back of my hand. “Mi-chan... I broke my promise, didn’t I? And so soon, too...” He stopped again. “If you were angry when you woke up, I would understand... Actually, I’d rather you angry than...” I was starting to feel my whole body return to my control...
    “You sod. I thought you’d find some idiot way to blame it all on yourself.” Heh. Found the lips first. Still couldn’t find the eyes, though.
    “It’s not your fault, Ri-chan.” I paused. “You stupid, depressive romantic swine!” I opened my eyes. I was right – he had been crying on my hand. “You arrogant, seductive secretive b*****d!” I ripped off the mask and sat up to investigate my legs. They hurt. Tears welled up in my eyes and I balled my fists. He tried to reach more of me, but I moved away from him, snatching my hand from him and ripping off the heart monitor. I stood up (shakily, I add) and staggered away from him. “You selfish, hot godly fiend!” I managed to put in three more steps and smiled while I faced away from him. I spun on the spot to face him, scowling – his face full of shock, still. “Jerk.” He stood up, apparently ready to try reconcile me. As he did so, I ran the three steps between us and glomped him, knocking him back onto the bed. He put his arms around me, and I reached up to kiss his chin where I could reach it, and snuggled my face into his neck.
    “Y-y-you’re not mad?” He sounded quite surprised.
    “What for? For surprising me on Valentine’s? For trying to protect me from your dark past? For trying to seduce me, then possibly go further?” I poked his chest hard. “What were you planning, anyway?” He didn’t answer as he blushed. “Well, it’s okay if you don’t want to say...”
    “Mi-chan...” There was a serious note to his voice.
    “I... I’d like to make a pact with you.... one that is harder to break...” He put his clean hand over my mouth to stop me from speaking. “...I’d like to take a Blood Pact with you, Mirari.” He paused to release my mouth.
    “Ri-chan... Why? To what end?”
    “I want to promise that I’ll always protect you, to cherish you and... support you... I never seem to be able to protect you...”
    “But... you do that already... Ragi... I don’t need a silly ceremony for you to-”
    “I want to make this formal... It’s a... I want this... for us...” He paused, to get up and pull me to sit on the side of the bed. “HaKurama, the Right-handed Sword and Eight Winged Heart...” I blushed. “...I ask for your blood in my system. I ask for you to accept my blood into you. I ask that, by mutual consent, we share our bond physically and by our hearts and souls...” His eyes smouldered and I understood. I wanted this as much as he – we knew that without each other, it hurt. Our shared fate brings us closer, as do our shared abilities... It was like I was remembering that... I smiled through my redness.
    “Ragi, the Protective Sword and Soul Guardian...” I paused, struggling for the right words. “I... I... I accept our exchange of blood to unify us in body and soul...” There. I said it. He blushed slightly, and then took my left hand, palm up, in his. He took a deep breath... as if he was remembering something too... something older than us...
    “I pledge my whole to you – to protect, cherish and love you... no matter what. If it is your will... you are still free – your wings can still be spread wide... Now and forever...” I stood up and nodded. He paused, very solemn. “I warn you – this will hurt, Mi-chan...” He withdrew a blade from his Mithrim, and cut across my palm. Blood poured out from the gash. I gasped. It was a very deep cut, and it hurt to move my hand. He cut a deeper gash from his right hand and pressed the two together, fingers interlocking. I could feel our bloods mixing... Then our Mithrim did something odd. They both sent a stream of black up our arms and wrapped around our hands, bonding them together. As our bloods mingled further, some began to overflow from our hands, staining any revealing flesh with red. Then Ri-chan did something surprising – he started to lick the blood that stained my arm, sending odd waves of pleasure through me. I suddenly had the urge to do the same – I succumbed and lapped up the blood on his arm – I could feel him shiver with the same pleasure under my tongue. Damn... I never thought I’d say this, but this blood tasted good and made me feel... stronger. Our life essence... Our cheeks brushed and he moved his lips from my arm to my lips. His tongue parted my lips gently and explored my mouth, brushing the roof of my mouth, then around my teeth and back to my tongue. I could really taste the blood... He pulled away, separating our hands as well. I looked at my palm, prepared to heal it. There was no cut. No cut, just a faded scar... He smiled at my amazement, murmuring his unconcern. There was a pause while I examined my hand. I furrowed my brows after a while.
    “You never did tell me what happened to my legs.”
    “What happened?” I shut my eyes and expected the worst.
    “You kicked me where it hurts... I’m sorry...” I raised my eyebrows and he laughed.
    “Why are you apologising?” He giggled.
    “...I dropped you and you landed funny...” Speaking of funny... everything suddenly felt funny – everything smelt different, sounded different... I felt other people’s locations, knew what they were doing – all at once... “Mi-chan? Are you alright?” Then everything went black again... Damn it! How many times will I do this? ... A feeling I had said that there are worse things in the air tonight than my inability to stay awake for extended periods of time after something big happens. Man, I hate these sorts of feelings... I hate the fact I’m usually right...