• "Wait can't we talk about this Victor?" A female dresses in all
    black asked
    sadly. " There's nothing to talk about any more!" Victor hissed
    angrily. As
    they stood on top of the Westminster Bridge a heavy down poor of
    cold rain drenched the gray stones and the dark onyx waters below
    violently as if enraged that the two people on the bridge were
    its slumber. " I thought you loved me Anna Marie" Victor said
    "But Victor I…" before she could finish a force that seemed
    inhuman like
    struck her in the side of the face and caused her to stumble back with
    and confusion. "I refuse to listen to you anymore you hateful
    wench" he
    roared. "You lied to me, you have cheated on me and you have hurt me
    for the
    last time" he said darkly. With saying that, he again slapped her
    with such
    a force that a steady stream of blood came streaming from her nose and
    was crying heavily now. The smell of her blood mixed with her tears was

    almost more than I could stand. I silently flitted from my spot in the
    shadow onto the bridge. As the rain still poured I stood calmly under
    light of the moon while I could hear the steady rhythm of him slapping
    and cursing her name. "Victor please end this madness," she pleaded
    getting shakily to her feet. " Don't worry Anna Marie it shall all
    end soon
    enough" he retorted with a laugh then began rummaging through his
    coat. I
    figured that if I wanted to feed my hunger that had grown quite
    stronger as
    the smell of blood became clearer, that I would have to work fast. I
    up behind him and tapped him gently with my index finger. To my
    surprise he
    was pretty small and puny like, so I figured this should be over quite
    quickly. As you all know when I make an assumption just ignore it
    because it
    always ends up wrong. With surprising force he socked me right in the
    Let me tell you this, it hurt me, but not as much as you would think.
    " If
    that's all you have then I do believe that it is my turn" I said
    dusting off my shirt. " You little devil" he spat as he charged me.
    I figure
    this has gone on way to long and I needed to make sure I didn't cause
    scene. "Arrestarlo ed obbedire" I droned darkly. He stopped in his
    with a dazed look on his face. All the while the woman who had been
    earlier was sitting on the ground nearby eyes wide with fear. She did
    the most intriguing eyes I had ever seen. They were almost violet and
    yet I
    wanted to drown in their mysterious ways. I felt like they could pierce
    soul, that's if I actually had one. I tuned my attention back to the
    excuse for a man and thought of how I could dispose of him. As I
    to think an object off to the right caught my attention. "Pick up
    the noose
    and place it around you neck" I said calmly with my hand up raised.
    obeyed silently awaiting my next command. "Hmm how shall I dispose of
    I have a brilliant idea" I chuckled darkly to my self. "Stand near
    the edge
    of the bridge and tie the end of the rope to one of the loose stone to
    right" I said quietly. He again obeyed me. As I walked over I felt
    the spell
    wearing off so I had to be quick. I sauntered up behind him and
    whispered in
    his ear, "Thanks for the meal…you can jump off the bridge now"
    and with that
    Victor obeyed and jumped brick and all into the dark waters below. The
    continued to pelt down on me and the woman beside me but I liked the
    rain…it was gloomy and dark just like me. I turned my attention to
    the girl
    to find her staring up at me with a look of awe and puzzlement. "
    Who are
    you" she asked softly as she finally stood up off the ground. Besides
    a big
    bruise to the side of her cheek and a cut lip she was quite beautiful.
    black raven hair lifted off of her shoulders every time the wind blew
    her violet eyes seemed even more radiant when she was curious. "My
    name is
    Derek" I said nonchalantly. "Derek you say, well thank you for,
    well saving
    me" she said shyly. "No need to thank me my sweet…just come to
    me" I cooed.
    She looked at me for a while before her eyes began to glaze over.
    "That's it
    come to me Anna Marie…Come to you angel of darkness…" I whispered
    as she began to walk towards me. When she stopped in front of me I
    raised my
    hand to her eyes "dorme il mio dolce che siete il mio gioiello" I
    droned on
    sleepily. She gasped then fell limply into my arms. She was quite
    so I decided to keep her around for a while. It had been a great deal
    time since I had company so I scooped her up and took off into the