• As i walked down the street girls of all ages flutterd their eyelashes at me.
    "Its John" one shouted.
    Then this girl walked gracefully over to me. She had long flowing brown hair and beautiful clear blue eyes. She had rosey red cheeks, a cute button nose and a lovely smile, her teeth were so white and his lips were a sparkling pink.
    "Erm....hi John.... erm wil you go out with me?" she stuttered.
    "Well yes, your so stunning" I replied. Some people may think its a load of rubbish but it was definatly love at first sight.

    We had been going out for about a year now, and i hadnt told her my secret........ yet. I worked at Dark moon, a local gang that murdered inocent people for money. I didnt feel bad about it, if you were me you would understand. I was straped for cash and my childhood had been rough.

    My father was a violent idiot and ever time he and my mother fought, i hid under neath my blanket, fingers in my ear's. My mother was just as stupid as he was, she always forgave him. I ran away at an early age of about 12 i think. Then i found Dark moon, they gave me a roof above me if i joined the gang. I couldnt turn down the offer so i joined.

    Once i had got used to it i killed many people, elderly ladys, yound men, kids anybody for the cash. I knew it wasnt right but i had to do it. The hardest job was killed a homeless kid of about 10. I invited him back to my place, then i gave he a leathal drink, which had been dosed. When he had gone to the heavans, i gave him to Duggy the leader. Im sorry to tell you but i didnt feel any emotions while killing him. That was because i had just gained a 100 pounds/50 dollers.

    I decided to tell my girlfriend. Im sure she would go out of her mind and dump me. I cant but i must. I have to get it off my chest. I slowly punched in her number in my phone. The tears were stinging in my eyes. Why was i crying , i had nothing to cry about.
    beep beep

    "Oh... heya hunni, you woke me" said Laya
    " Ive got somthing to tell you" i mumbled.
    " Im.... erm....in a gang called Dark Moon" i said slowly.
    " Oh....my.......Gosh, no this cant be happening, so you murder people for money, i cant live with this, we have got to break up now" said Laya bursting into tears.
    "No babe we cant brake up, i was staped for cash, but now ive got lots of money, we can make this work, we can grow old together" I said
    "If you want me, then you quit or else i leave you for good" Laya yelled down the phone.
    Then she hung up on me.

    Well that went well i thought. I had just got a flat, my very own flat. I layed on my bed and fell into a deep sleep. I woke to my phone ringing. I rubbed my eyes and let out a loud yawn.

    "Hello" i said stiil half asleep
    "This is Duggy, your dead meat boy, you told a girl and now we want you, oh and if you dont come we will kill your darling Laya" said Duggy, I treambed with fear.
    " Okay ill come, but dont you touch a hair on her body" i said.

    I went into my bedroom, i put on my ripped jean's and my green hoodie. I looked into the mirror and shrugged to myself. What a mess i thought. I patted down my hair and latherd myself in aftershave.

    I walked down to the hideout. I was scared. Poor Laya she must be petrified. I knocked on the door. One guy pulled me in, and pushed me onto a chair. He punched me in the face and tied me up whilst i was stunned. I looked into his eyes dazed. Then i looked away, i saw Laya's face. She looked a mess.
    "Look at me pig" shouted the man. I looked at his face.
    "You told that girl over there, we shall kill you both" shouted the man.

    Then he went away. Then in came Duggy. He had a knife in hand.
    "Well then John, we gave you a roof over your head, and this is how you pay us back" Said Duggy.

    He held the knife above his head. I thought he was going to kill me. The thought i will never grow old and have kids, never get a good job. Then he threw the knife down on the floor.

    Laya screamed.
    "Stop it your scaring her" i said. Duggy pulled the knife out of the floor.
    He was going to kill us. I didnt want to die, i didnt want Laya to die. I tried with all my might to get free, the rope slowly untied.

    I burst up and got Duggy to the floor, He screamed and then the men came running in. They grabbed Laya and took her out the room.
    "Noooooo" i screamed.
    " Thats it John the girls going to get killed" Shouted Duggy and pulled me back to the chair. I heard Laya's screams. Tears stung my eyes, one rolled down my face.

    " Right John were going to let you and the girl go, only with a few cuts" said Duggy, with that he slashed my hand. I winced with pain. Then he untied me and pushed me out the door. I lay on the stone cold ground silently waiting for Laya. Suddenly the door flung open and Laya fell on top of me. Our eyes met and we kissed. Then we both got up and went to my flat.
    "wanna ice lolly" i asked. I knew Laya loved ice lolly's.
    " Yeh please Baby" said Laya, I tossed her one.

    We both ate them silently. After we had finished we bathed our cuts.
    "ouch" wispered Laya.
    " Dont worry my darling, it will heal up" i said kissing her.
    After that we fell into a deep sleep. I woke up in a sweat. I look to the side of me. Phewww Laya was still there. I fell back to sleep with nothing to worry about