• i woke one moring, everything seemed fine.
    i looked at my watch, it was nearly school time

    i got dressed and brushed my hair
    i jumped on my bike, soon i was there

    every night i dreamed of your grin
    i jumped of my bike then went in

    i looked around, where were you?
    afew other people wondered too

    i asked the teacher where you were
    'he was in an accident' my heart did tear

    'what kind of accident?' i replied
    'a car crash, he nearly died'

    i rushed too the hospital when school did end
    I had too find out, was i more then a friend?

    i asked for your room, i was allowed in
    i saw you in the bed, there was no nice grin

    i wondered if you were going to awake
    i waited for ages, you made my heart ake

    the minute i was about to leave,
    yours eyes opened, i was relieved!

    'are you alright?' i said, my heart pounding
    'i have to tell you something' i said, my heart loudening

    'i love you' i said, with a little smile
    he didnt reply, it took a while

    'i lov--' he began but then stopped
    his eyes closed, the machine 'popped'

    'Dominic?' i said, worried sick
    was he playing some sort of trick?

    but his heart stopped, the machine was fried
    because at that moment, you had just died

    every time i wondered what you were going to say
    i never stopped thinking about that upsetting day

    i never laughed, i never smiled
    only tears came out, that piled

    so whenever im sad, and cry
    i think of the day when you did die