• Today is the day i wake up to a new world, where the people are greeting you for being a hero. Where everyone respects you for who you are.

    But lets not get into that, for now lets start at the beginning, it was 3 days before the exams.
    I yawn to the early bird of the morning, seeing that my mother has prepared my class materials for school, my friend is waiting for me at the sky train. As i get prepared for school i realize something, it takes 18 minutes to get to the sky train from my house and school was in 30 minutes, the train takes about 20 minutes to get to my school. I had no time. WOOSH, my body is racing for the sky train, i know that my friend is going to be mad, he would probably leave me even! But i can't give up now, as i was running for it, there were a couple of horses ready for rent, while the owner wasn't looking i "borrowed" one of his horses. "Here we go!!!" i shout as i am riding the horse. At the sky train station my friend is impatiently tapping his foot, his name is Vividel, he is a red head, the same as me, about 6'1, and carries a wooden training katana everywhere he goes, though its harmless, he really has a full tang chain whip blade, don't mess with him. Oh yes i forgot, my name is Otaku, im about 5'8, red headed, i have a worn out vest that i wear wherever i go. As i ride the horse to the sky train, i see a big dust mushroom blow out of the city, probably Gama back up to his experiments again. I approach the sky train finally, in less than half the time it would've taken on foot. Vividel disappointed at me for being late, though he sighs and says, "You usually are a procrastinator Otaku". "Shut up you old fart." i said. As we are on the sky train, we talk about the exams and what we are hoping for. Vividel and i have a lot in common, of course we did, we are distant cousins. But we talk about the group that protects the city SOB or soldiers of Botrien, yeah yeah i get the joke. This was our goal, to
    become a soldier of Botrien, and head out for the big world out there. As the sky train approaches the school, Gama and Kameko are waiting for us. Gama is a short little furry creature, mistaken usually as a rodent, while kameko is a Violet haired, pale colored girl, is about 5'7, and wears a purple jacket usually. As the day went on we cared for the mess that Gama made during his experiment, mixing a explosion fluid with a cannon ball.
    "You guys are a big help" Gama says. "You know that we can't do it all the time, plus the exams are two days from now, my head hurts from thinking about it." Kameko said."Well i think its great that the exam is in two days, i wanna find out what i'll be eligible for." I say.
    "Don't get too happy, we don't want you to be sleepless before the exam Otaku." Vividel says. The mess was cleaned up, and we raced to the hill near Gama's home, that was where we stayed to watch the sunset, everyday we stood there, watching the beauty of it.
    Day 2
    I finally wake at a decent time, but i wanted to get to the school early, so after i got to the sky train, i caught it just in time for the 7 A.M. ride. But something happened that day, something that changed my view of things, while i was looking outside in the deck of the sky train, i see this lady getting mugged, it was no ordinary robber, it was one of the SOB. I probably risked my life doing this, but i jumped out of the sky train, leaping for the soldier. Blood was rushing to my head, everything was going white, but i landed safely, near the soldier.
    "PLEASE, STOP THIS!" the woman says trying to run from the soldier. "JUST STAY STILL AND IT WILL ALL BE OVER!"the soldier said. I was angered by the corruption of this person, to threaten the life of a citizen. I rushed towards him yelling "STOP IT" i pushed him down to the ground, he got up and unsheathed his sword, pointing it towards me. I was shocked, i couldn't move, being in a life or death situation made me fear for myself. He muttered from his mouth, "Stand beside, boy, i don't want to hurt you too." But i finally went back to my senses, soldiers came rushing in, attacking the corrupted soldier that pointed his blade at me. After a couple of hours it was all settled, but i saw this one thing, they were these two daggers, they had the color of ebony and a gold gem in the hilt. I asked "Do these belong to the soldier?" a soldier said "We may not have found them on him, but you can keep those if you want, i wont tell anybody."i thanked the soldier and went back home.
    I would need to have some time for the exam tomorrow.
    To be continued