• there was a girl in my life, no, she wasn't the pritiest girl on the school, nor the smartest, nor the nicest, but there was somthing that made me think that she was perfect in anyway, flawless, like a polished gem
    she smoked tabaco, and sometimes joints but rarely, she wasnt a virgin, she was 16.
    -shes bad news dude, forget her, shes a slut! my friend said, i punched him in the jaw in anger,"i dont care! i love her, i never loved anyone like this before! i love her so much it hurts!"
    we became friends me and her realy good friends, or should i say, "too much" of friends, we became a grupe of three, me her and another friend, we were best friends, until the day i confessed my feelings, that she was the sun to my earth my other half...
    "i never knew you felt like that... im sorry, your my best friend i cant date you! it would ruin our relacionship completely, im sorry i cant see you like this thats why im leaving, im so sorry ,dont look for me." i was... devastated, simply devasted, i ean from home, i ran, ran for hours, i was in the midle of nowere, crying my lungs out screaming to heaven" WHY?! WHY?WHY,WHY,WHY,why,why,why....
    i laid down in the floor..."i have nowhere to go...no one to go to... .... ... ...what? who are you?.... i see... your my sadness i guess... reason to live? its for her of co... .... end? end what? i see... i guess, i have nothing to live for anymore... when you think obout it questions pop to your head, would she shead tears for me? would anyone shed tears for me.... il do it." the boy killed himself, two days later the body was found, it had a note atached, it said :tell claude i always loved her and my only wish is that she finds the right one,her happiness,tel mom im sorry,
    michael donavan.
    the note was delivered to the girl, she was completely devastated
    "its my fault, i never should have said such things..." the girl hung her self later that day, she couldnt live with the pain of her friend died because of her she also had a note, it said : im coming, when i arrive, i will apolagize, i dont care if i go to hell, i want to be with him"
    claude robinson
    the end