• CRREEKKK! The rusty door of the old cabin opened. Someone snuck up behind me yelling, “BOO!” “AHHH!” I yelped jumping up. “Hi, my name is Zeek, sorry if I scared you. I’m your new cabin mate,” he said. I was here five minutes and already I hated it.
    About five weeks earlier, my mom saw a paper about a free camp and signed me up for it. I don’t know why; it was a creepy, old camp in the middle of the woods. Zeek was even scarier then the camp was. He had a creepy cat eye and walked with a limp. Sometimes he acted so retarded that you would think he was dropped on his head, and when he wasn’t saying stupid s**t he was screaming like a banshee.
    One night I made the mistake of asking him if he had been dropped on his head. All he did was give me an evil stare with his cat eye then stomped off slamming the ugly, old, moss-covered door behind him.
    About a week after, weird things started to happen. Our councilor, Jack, had come into our cabin, grabbed Zeek, and pulled him out yelling in the process.
    The next day, Zeek and three other kids had gone missing. ”What happened to them?” many people asked each other. While I was swimming in the ice cold water one day I hit something. When I pulled it up I found out it was Zeek’s dead corpse.
    “I see you found Zeek,” a voice said.
    “Jack? You did this?” I asked.
    “Yes, and now it’s your turn. MWAHAHA!” he exclaimed. BAMM!!! twisted