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    After that PM of Mina to Joseph, he replied to her that he will be texting her when he receive the said message. He texted:

    By the way, this is Joseph. I have just read your message. When will you come to Bacoor? I would be waiting for your reply.

    After receiving his text message, she replied that "I would be going there next week, maybe on the 16th."

    All the more, he would not stop texting to her as he knows that she would reply back, and said "Mina, if ever I can't text back to you, I'm very sorry. I'm currently busy with other things."

    She answered back, "Oh, sure. It's just okay. I know that it is not your fault."

    The next day, Mina had logged in back to (*1)GO to check who's online or offline. She just noticed that Joseph was still out of the network. She became too worried and she texted him, "Why aren't you in GO?," and he replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry that I cannot check my account, I would be staying here at the province. Unfortunately, they don't have a computer and an internet connection, and I'll still be staying here up to the 15th and I promise to you that I will be with you on the 16th, as our school declared a holiday. I have something for you anyway, just look around your account. I'm very sorry, pasensya ka na talaga (I'm really sorry.)"

    After receiving the message, she checked her account and there in the alerts section say, "1 New Trade Request." Of course, she opened that announcement, and she was shocked that Joseph donated to her 50,000 gold and in the message included, it said,


    Happy Valentines' Day! Don't worry, I don't need any item in exchange. Just approve it and do not trade anything to me. It's my offering to you.

    Truly Yours,

    She texted him again, "Thank you Joseph! I am really grateful of your donation."

    This time, he didn't reply, as the signal quality in their province was weak and low, and most of the time, the signal is intermittent or always going on and off.

    She even tried to call her, but the voice-over said, "The subscriber cannot be reached, please try again later."

    Can they still communicate to each other? Can Joseph make it to Bacoor on the 16th? These and more in the part three of "My Gaia Valentine".

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