• Chapter 1

    Our brilliant story will start with Tessa Marie Kilin. Tessa was born in California, on July 7th 1993. Tessa is a black haired green-eyed girl. She lives with her cousin Shaun and his girlfriend Sadie. Tessa’s parents went missing after about 2 weeks of Tessa being born. Tessa was born an only child. Tessa is now 15 and going to Kennedy High School. This is Tessa’s first year; she is of course a freshman. On the first day of school with Tessa being as nervous as she was, she begin to rush trying to find her class. “Agh! I hope I’m not late! I can’t be late on the FIRST day!” Tessa whispered to herself as she rushed to find class 1-B. She sped walked down the hall, then she saw it, class 1-B. “YES!” Tessa exclaimed, slowing to a walk now. Tessa put her long black hair up in a ponytail before entering the class, and then she slowly walked through the door and took a spot at the back of the classroom. Tessa set down her books on her desk and rested her arms on them. ‘Relax Tessa. You’re all right. Your not late and you have everything together. So chill.’ Tessa thought. Tessa soon became more confident, now that she was calmed down. The teacher walked in the classroom, wearing a tuxedo. “Good morning class, I am Mr. Starker, I am your Math teacher. You will be put into pairs and you will stay there for 2 quarters then I will move you. So try to get along with your partner.” Mr. Starker told everyone. “Ladies and Gentlemen please stand at the back of the classroom while I seat you in your new seating arrangements.” Mr. Starker told everyone. Tessa picked up her books with a huff and walked to the back of the classroom with everyone else. ‘Please don’t sit me with a skunk or prep!’ Tessa thought biting her lower lip. “Tessa Kilin?” Mr. Starker called. “Yes?” Tessa asked still biting her lower lip. “Your over here with Eric.” Mr. Starker said gesturing to a boy with black medium-ish hair, and bright dashingly beautiful eyes. “Eric, your over here with Tessa.” Mr. Starker said referring to Eric who was zoning out. “Yeah, ok.” Eric said snapping back to reality. Tessa put her books at her and Eric’s table. “So your name is Tessa?” Eric asked sort of smart aleck like. “Yeah, your Eric?” Tessa asked a little insulted by his tone. “Yeah.” Eric said folding his arms behind his head. Tessa nodded once to show she had heard him. He nodded once back. ‘Humph probably won’t get along with HIM!’ Tessa thought aimlessly doodling on one of her notebooks. ‘I won’t even try.’ Tessa thought again. Mr. Starker went on and on about expectations of his class. Before Tessa had realized it, class was about over. The bell rang dismissing the class. Tessa grabbed her schoolbooks and took off towards her English class. Tessa walked in to see everyone standing at the front of the classroom. Tessa swiftly joined them. ‘This’ll get annoying.’ Tessa thought. Tessa looked around at the class, there was Eric. Tessa’s mouth dropped open, staring at Eric. ‘He’s stalking me!’ Tessa thought. Eric felt someone looking at him and slowly turned around, at the same time Tessa turned quickly away so he wouldn’t go near her. ‘God this is going to get attention.’ Tessa thought. “Hey Tessa, we’re in the same class, how strange.” Eric said scaring Tessa. “God! Eric don’t do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Tessa said. “Awe, did I scare little Tessy?” Eric asked in a baby voice. “Yeah!” Tessa barked. “Hmmm. Let’s see how long this goes on, I can’t have you stalking me.” Eric said playfully. “Eric!” Tessa said a little annoyed. Eric snickered and stuck his hand in his pocket and lingered next to Tessa. “Class! Attention!” The teacher said scaring all of them. The other students automatically were quiet. “Thank you. Anyway I am Mrs. Snider, your English teacher.” Mrs. Snider said. “Mrs. Snider? What kind of name is that?” Eric whispered to Tessa. “I don’t know, but these teacher names are getting more and more ridiculous.” Tessa whispered back. “Heh. Got that right!” Eric whispered. Tessa smiled thoughtfully to herself. ‘Hmm, I already have a friend, and I didn’t think I would be his friend.’ Tessa thought. “Tessa Kilin, you site next to Pete.” Mrs. Snider said. Tessa quickly rolled her eyes. “Ok Mrs. Snider.” Tessa said reluctantly going to her seat. “Eric you sit behind Tessa.” Mrs. Snider said to Eric. ‘Sweet!’ Eric thought striding to the seat behind Tessa. Tessa was relieved that Eric was sitting SOMEWHERE near her. Eric was her friend now and it’d feel awkward if he were far away.

    I sat behind Tess, just like the teacher asked. Which in my case is very rare. Anyway I was glad I was near Tess, instead of being behind a prep that would suck. I sat there and listened to the teacher blab on about classroom expectations. If this kept up I was going to murder myself! It felt like a hundred years went by before the actual bell rang! I got up holding my books and I was gonna talk to Tess but I decided not too, but she looked up at me so I dashed off. What a chicken I was! My next class was Biology, dissecting frogs, sweet! I walked in and saw everyone standing up again; this’ll get real annoying. I stared absently off into the distance, when I heard the teacher say my name “Eric.” The teacher said. “Yeah?” I asked looking up. “You’ll sit over here, by the window.” The teacher said. “Sure…” I said unsure. “Tessa Kilin.” The teacher called, Tess was in this class too?! Dang she’s everywhere! “Yeah?” Tess said bored. “Over here next to Eric.” The teacher had said. Again she was sitting somewhere near me! Wow, this is either good luck or fate. “Ok.” Tess said. Then she walked over to the seat next to me. “Well, well. We just keep running into each other don’t we?” I asked smart-alecky like. She’ll talk I know it. “Yeah, I suppose we do…” Tess said looking at me then at her folder acting interested in it, what’s so interesting about a folder? “Yep.” I said. “So hey you wanna sit next to me at lunch or are you avoiding me?” I asked still sounding smart-alecky. “Sure, and I’m not avoiding you.” Tess said somewhat glaring at me. It was sorta cute though, in the funny sense anyway. “I’ll be sure to save a seat, Tessy.” I said calling her the name she hated. Bingo, right on target. “My name is TESSA not TESSY! Do you see the difference?!” Tess asked me writing both of the names on a piece of paper then showing me the paper. “Hmmmmm.” I said acting like I was thinking. “Nope.” I said. “Eric!” Tess said slightly slapping me. I laughed a little it actually hurt when she hit me. I walked to lunch while I’m sure she was still getting her things together in Biology. I got my lunch and saved a seat for her at the back of the cafeteria. Soon enough I saw her walk in and go through the lunch line to get her lunch. When she got her lunch I saw her looking for me, I guess she found me ‘cause soon she was walking over to the lunch table I was at. “So you decided to come?” I asked her stretching and again sounding smart-alecky. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Tess said sighing and putting her tray next to mine. “So your in my biology class too?” Tess asked me, I guessed she is trying to start small talk so I’ll go with it. “Yeah. And you’re in MY biology AND Math class, Tessa?” I asked. “Yeah…you actually called me by my real name…” Tess said surprised, so what? “Yeah, but only ‘cause your official name isn’t Tessy, it’s Tessa, right?” I asked playfully. Tess smiled. “Yeah.” Tess said. We both silently ate, not having much to say. “So I wonder how many classes we have together.” Tess said. “Yeah.” I said dully. She went real wild when she saw the brownie on her tray. “Chocolate!” Tess exclaimed. It was sorta funny and weird at the same time. “Yeah, chocolate.” I said a smile crossing my face I could feel it. I watched her enjoy her brownie, and then I began eating mine. “Yum, that’s not bad.” I said actually enjoying the brownie. It was good, not as good as homemade but good.

    I really liked the brownie it was the best part of lunch! I am a complete Chocoholic! I love chocolate so much! I could understand why Eric had the look he had on his face. I was savoring every bite. I’ve loved chocolate ever since I was three. I was seriously wondering what classes Eric and I would have together, also why does he always call me Tessy?! That’s not my name! It’s either Tessa or Tess. Eric can’t call me Tess though he can only call me Tessa. It’s unacceptable for Eric to call me Tess. Well at least until we’re closer friends. If we were closer friends then I wouldn’t mind, but until then, unacceptable! So anyway, we ate our brownies with me savoring mine, and him just enjoying his. It was a decent lunch, nothing bad really happened. When we finished I put up my tray and walked back to sit with Eric for the rest of the lunchtime. “So…. You from around here?” Eric asked me. “Uh yeah I’m from around California, I’ve lived here since I was a baby.” I replied. “You?” I asked Eric. “Yeah I’ve lived here since I was a baby too.” Eric said. I scuffed my shoe against the ground a little. “So…what now?” Eric said. “Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure…” I replied. Now we sat in silence. It was odd. Someone had to break it! I wasn’t going to be that someone though. I knew that much. “So what’s your next class?” Eric asked, thank you! “Um, I have Art I think.” I said. “Oh, me too.” Eric said. “How strange is that?” I asked. “Oh not at all strange, I get it, your stalking me.” Eric said looking at me, smiling a wicked smile. I wasn’t stalking him! “I’m not stalking you! You’re stalking me!” I said. I looked at him angrily. “Riiight and your Queen of the world free to do what you want.” He said again this time folding his arms behind his head. Ugh I hated him sometimes! Why is he like this?! I thought we were friends and now he’s accusing me of being a stalker… “Well I’d better get to class.” I said a little angrily. “Yeah don’t wait up, I’ll see you there anyway.” He said, I groaned. I could’ve sworn that when I groaned I heard him chuckle, but I can’t be sure. I walked to my locker then walked to class. I stood at the back of the class again waiting for seating arrangements. A few moments later Eric came in. He stood next to me. Soon the teacher came in, he looked like he was in his late 20’s and was wearing a tuxedo. “Good afternoon class, I am Mr. Pawn, Your art teacher.” Mr. Pawn said, I felt a giggle come from my throat. I also heard several other giggles. Mr. Pawn, giggle, looked artsy too. “ I will seat you randomly with someone for now, towards the middle of the year I will move you. We’ll start with Leanna Albermen, you will sit with Carl Wingham.” Mr. Pawn said, I looked at Leanna and could automatically tell she was going to be trouble. I understood how he was seating people also, by last name. I waited forever for my name to be called. Finally, “Tessa Kilin, you will be sitting over here with Eric Rider.” Mr. Pawn said pointing to a table at the back of the room in the corner. I rolled my eyes. Of course at the back, but I don’t mind. I walked to the back of the classroom with Eric on my heels, not literally but figuratively. I sat down closest to the wall, while he sat on the outside. The art classroom was pretty big. This would be roomy. But unfortunately the teacher just explained his classroom expectations… After that class was over I went to my drivers Ed class, Eric was there too… “So your in my drivers Ed class too?” I asked when we walked in. “Yeah, guess I am.” Eric said. “Students take a seat anywhere! I am Mrs. Valdern, your drivers Ed teacher.” Mrs. Valdern said. I sat at the back of the classroom, Eric followed. Of course. I didn’t mind anymore. I was actually used to it by now and it wasn’t even the end of the day. We went through the ever so boring expectations in Mrs. Valdern’s class. Soon that class was over also. Next was Language class, surprisingly Eric wasn’t in that class with me. “I am Mr. Coven, your French teacher. I am here to teach French and teach French is what I shall do…” Mr. Coven said, then he went on and on about expectations, like the rest. I was getting pretty fed up with all these expectations. After that class there was freshman class, teaching you the basics of being freshmen… Oh Joy! Not really. That teachers name was Mrs. Jackson, a somewhat normal name to have compared to my other teachers names.