• The night was calm, well I thought so it leased. When I thought I could have two chances to live, I never knew I would end one of those chances like this.
    When I walked outside I saw the sun rising above the glittering water. I would always wake up before sunrise just because it calms me. When I was watching it I saw someone or something by the water. I didn't want to get close because I didn't know who or what it was. Maybe it was a pole or maybe it was a young tale male. I knew I couldn't resist it so I walked up to it.
    It was a male, tall but I couldn't tell his age. He was staring at me, with hazel eyes and a sly smile that made me smile back to him. He grabbed me by the arms, but I jerked away. I couldn't resist his beautiful eyes staring at me. So we just stood there, looking at him, him looking at me, kind of crazy to think I would be in this position. His smile came to a end when he left me. Left me standing there with a confused look on my face, but surprisingly I was fine with it and I felt good. I didn't know meeting him would change my life completely but it did. I can't explain how I felt, but I knew it was real. This was a good day, so far........... to be continued