• The night took forever, mostly because I was so into tomorro. Everything was clogging up my mind.. What was it about his family he was keeping a secret? Did he even have a family at all? I was tossing and turning trying to force my restless mind to stop thinking. All this was killing me.
    It wasn't even just that. I couldn't wait to see him. My mom and dad would be at work early and obviously there is no school on Saturdays. I must say it's pretty convinient how my parents only have days off on Wednesday and Thursday...which are weekdays where Jasper and I see each other at school. We are both in 11th grade. Crystal Taylor and Jasper Ellest.. I never compared our names right by each other. It was actually kind of catchy. That is just why I couldn't sleep. I was always changing topics.
    When I finally did get up, it was 7:00 A:M. Which was much earlier than I usually awoke. Yet I didn't fall asleep until 2:30 A:M. I was so tired. I really wanted to wake myself up, so I had three cups of coffee. So one could guess I was pretty awake. Afterwards I hopped in the shower and I let the hot water not only clean, but refresh my body and mind.
    I got dressed and brushed my teeth. And then went to the top of the hill. Much to my surprise, he was already there. It was 8:30 A:M sharp. "You look beautiful today." he said with a satisfying look of me.
    "Thanks," I replied, "but there is something I wanted to talk to you about..."
    "Well spit it out." He replied with a smile. I was really hoping my interrogation wouldn't ruin his great mood. I started thinking about waiting until later to ask him, but my mind couldn't process my request faster than my mouth spoke words.
    "Well, I have known you for 14 wonderful years," I spoke like I had a guilty concious, "and I have never even met your family."
    "Well, my family..." he hesitated, and I could tell he was about to lie through his teeth, "they don't really...let's just say my family aren't the kind you normally meet and lets just leave it at that." Yet I refused to fall for his lies.
    "Jasper you are lying! Please just tell me the truth!"
    "Crystal you are yelling at me like I commited a crime!" his words were shouted loud and clear into my face. I always hated when people did that and he knew it. "But you know what?! If you want to know the truth I have no family! Ok?! Are you happy now..is everything out now?!" I fell to the ground crying..not because he didn't have a family..which was sad, but I hated it when he got angry with me. I started running down the hill, with tears streaming down my face...when all of a sudden both me, Jasper, and my waterfall of tears all froze in fright...and I was about 10 feet away from Jasper, and 10 feet away from a tall, muscular, razor toothed beast... a wolf which looked very hungry.