THe door swung open and a figure suffled in and sat down at the corner table. He didn't take off his cloak that he was wearing. The barmaid sees him and walkes over,"Hey there sweetie, may I get you something?"

    "No."The strangers voice rings out,"I'm looking for some people, have you seen them?"

    All activity in the bar stops as he stood up and pulled out a few sheafs of paper,"Beware. These people are dangerous. Especially this one."He points at a picture of a pink haired girl,"Call the number if you've seen any one of these people." He pulls his hood down. His hair is red and he has blue eyes," Don't hurt them. They are valuable..." With that, he walks out and vanishes into the night.

    * * *

    The sun is bright and the stream ran clear and deep. The sounds of voices ring out.

    "Link, stop it! Your going to fall!" A girl screamed.

    "So? Come, it's not dangerous!" The boy named Link called.

    "I'm coming up! Hurry! I want a turn!" Another girl calls.

    At the mouth of the river, a boy stood on a teetering log, prepared to jump. Two girls were in the water, watching him.

    "Sofie, look Blaze is doing it! Are you a chicken?" Link laughs.

    Sofie titters then both girls scream. Link had just jumped and had splashed them with water. he bobs up grinning and spitting out water.

    "My turn! My turn!" The girl named Blaze runs up and balanced on the log. She prepares to jump and the log tips. She falls onto a belly flop and comes up laughing in pain.

    "oww...how come you do it well?"She demands.

    "uh...good luck?"link said quickly.

    "Your dead, link!" Blaze jumps at Link and hods him underwater and brings him up," Who's your master?"She shakes him.

    "Ha ha! not you."This remark earned him another dunk. The girl named Sofie swims out and shakes dog like. A shot rings out, and the trio falls silent.

    "What was that?"Blaze says sharply.

    "I dunno."Link replies.

    "Lets go." muttered Sofie, eyeing the forest.