• My Wings

    The ending of school was apparent, as the junior students lazily sat at their desks, glancing at the clock behind them desperately hoping that it would go faster so they could enjoy their three day weekend. At the back of the class sat one seventeen year old boy his dark eyes out of focus on his handsome face, he was lean and tall, his black hair messy, and his posture relaxed against the chair. Sighing he twirled a pencil with his hand out of boredom, his name . . . Gabriel Menai. On his desk laid a single sheet of paper, the paper showed a drawing half finished, a sketch, of a ferocious bird flying through the sky.

    Diagonally to his right was a girl with long black hair, held up in a ponytail, and bright emerald green eyes glowing with innocence and wonder, she had a pale face with rosy lips and a curvy figure. The, sixteen year old, girl sneaked a peek at him every so often while trying to listen to the lecture and take notes, her name was Liliana Rose Selen. The boy smirked in amusement as he caught her staring 'That girl . . .' he thought amusingly, 'staring again . . . I'm starting to think there's a problem' . Blushing furiously at being caught she quickly turned and pretended to be absorbed by what the teacher was saying. Chuckling he shook his head, then quickly jumped at the bell, signifying the end of school. As everyone was leaving the classroom, he put his sketch away and waited for Liliana, who was still packing up her load of books and notes.

    Rolling his eyes he said teasingly to his loyal friend of ten years, “Liliana . . . You know, the less you read, the less you would have to put away.”

    Sighing once again in frustration, this conversation occurred everyday afterschool, “Gabriel, You wouldn’t mind if you picked up a book once in a while . . .”

    He paused pretending to think, then shook his head at the very idea, “Nah, I like drawing better than trying to comprehend some literature," he said, and took the book that she was just about to put in her bag. "besides I wouldn’t want to become a bookworm like you,” he told her teasingly. She scowled at him, "Give me back that book." she said tiredly.

    "Hmm, Let me think about it . . . no."

    Liliana sighed, "Come on Gabriel, don't be messed up . . . especially on a Friday . . ."

    Gabriel laughed then told her, "But today's the best day to do it."

    She gave him a look while she put her bag over her shoulder, "You say that all the time."

    "Exactly." he told her in a serious tone as he flipped the pages.

    Then Gabriel asked as casually as he can as they headed out of the classroom, “Was that you staring at me today?”

    Stuttering slightly after being caught off guard at the abrupt question Liliana replied while a light blush painted her pale cheeks, “Err . . . Uhhh . . .. I-I w-wa.” then cleared her throat and proceeded confidently, “I was looking at the clock for your information not at you. Geesh why don't you ever drop that?”

    Then when Gabriel wasn't paying attention, she grabbed the book quickly out of his hand without hesitation and put it away in her bag.

    "Damn . . ." he muttered surprised she took it away so quickly.

    Opening the door for her as they exited the high school, he continued the conversation before she took the book away. "Why don't I drop that particualar subject? Well my dear I can't help but notice that you're looking at that imaginary clock on my face." he said smirking.

    At that she merely muttered to him, “Shut the hell up.” Chuckling Gabriel dropped the subject not wanting to anger her any further than necessary.

    They turned the corner as they headed towards Liliana’s house on the upcoming street; the looming building was constantly getting closer as they approached the two-story house. Both Liliana and Gabriel walked comfortably and at a familiar pace, walking home was one of the things they did constantly, so the silence between them wasn't unusual. Soon they reached Liliana's house and she turned to hug him.

    “See you tonight.,” she whispered to him, and he nodded, “As usual.” then Liliana walked into her house and closed the door.

    Gabriel walked away as soon as he saw the door shut assuring him that she was safe inside the house and stuck his hands in his pockets as he walked on to his house. His back was aching terribly, and it was starting to irritate him. His house was farther away from school and was isolated from the others, he recognized it, as it was steadying getting closer. It wasn’t a particularly small house nor was it very big. It merely was a small little house comfortable for four people and occasionally a guest. He sprinted the last couple yards towards his home and quickly went around the back into the backyard, yes his house may be small but the land was incredible. It was a forest with huge trees providing a good cover. Since the trees were grand and tall if people looked towards the house they would only see the forest.

    Liliana and himself had a secret, one that would be devastating if someone other than themselves and his family found out. Gabriel ran a couple of meters and looked to see if anyone was around, once he was assured no one was there, he then took off his shirt with care and flexed his back muscles. Pure, black wings sprouted from his back looking beautiful and magnificent as ever. Then without a seconds hesitation, he jumped into the sky, flapping his wings and catching the current of the air. The last rays of the sun kissing his cheeks as the wind ruffled his hair even more. His face in complete bliss as he thought to himself, 'I love this . . .'

    He flew through the sky, although taking special care that no one was looking up when he heard a small voice come from below. He looked down and there on the ground was his little sister waving at him, and smiling with that cute little grin of hers.