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    ~Flash Back~

    "...He's been passed out for nigh a day now. Do you think he'll be all right?"

    "He's very strong. I'm sure he'll be all right."

    "He does seem to have an aura of some sort, doesn't he?"

    "Yes. What a sweet little boy." The dialogue of two people, one female and one male, echoed in Jimmy's ears, until he abruptly lunged his head forward, making the two people flinch in surprise. The one he recognized was the man with the top hat from the street. The other was a new face, and as you could it already assume, it was a feminine new face. Very pretty, with sapphire sparkling eyes and the warmest smile he had ever seen. Then again...had he ever seen a real, genuine smile?

    "He's up! He's up!" shouted the man.

    "You had us both worried!" the woman said, almost as if she was scolding. "Don't do that!"

    "But I...I didn't mean to...I..." Jimmy studdered. The woman laughed the most beautiful, almost melodious, and uplifting laugh Jimmy had ever heard. But again, had he ever heard a real laugh before?

    "Ooooh, you're so cute! I was only teasing." Jimmy smiled back. Maybe it wasn't so bad that he was gone from his parents. This seemed like a much better life.

    Jimmy's eye's darted around. Where was he, anyway? A large house, by the looks of it. That is to say, in propotion to his old shack, it was enormous. Which didn't really say much. It was, really actually quite a simple layout. Nothing fancy. Nothing modern. It looked like an old apartment room, though that by far beat living in an old shack. There was electricity, which was a plus.

    He looked down. He was on something very soft...an unexplainable softness. A bed...he had seen ads for them. But he never actually got to feel one. He had always slept on the floor, while his parents slept on a bed, which he was forbidden to even touch....

    His parents! That's right...his parents had abused him...and they were...

    "Something wrong, Jimmy?"

    "Ah...my parents! What happened...what happened to them?" The two people glanced at one another, and the man replied,

    "Gone, I'm afraid. They must've escaped. They were probably expecting someone to arrest them. We were too slow." What was Jimmy supposed to feel about that? Good? Bad? His parents...he didn't know what to feel about them anymore. Did he love them still? Did he hate them?

    "I...I think I'm going to rest a little more..." he said after putting a little thought into it.

    "Good. You need it, after all that's happened to you. We got some medications for your injuries, so we'll be waking you up for that. Oh, and you'll have three meals a day, so you'll have to wake up for..." But Jimmy didn't hear anymore. He was already asleep.