• Spartan-539 saw a marine fall to the ground, head caved in. The Chieftain looked around to see another human/Elite he could kill. Then, blinded by anger, she charged at the Brute. The Chieftain, not paying attention, ignored her. But when he did see her, it was too late. She grabbed the Chieftain's torso. They both fell to the ground; she ripped off his helmet, then started to brutally punch his face in. Fuled by anger, she continued to do this until she saw what she had done. The Brutes face was smashed in, blood gushing out. She got up, wiped her hands on the Brute's fur and picked up the Hammer.
    The Brute Chieftain, Tayutus watched the demon kill one of his Alpha pack-mates. He did not care for ten or twenty lives but only his own. His word is law! And those who disobey it shall be punished! He picked up his own Gravity Hammer and walked toward the waited Phantom.
    Thel 'Strum was grappling a Brute Major when the Brute slumped into his arms. He looked behind the corpse. The Spartan waved happily back. "I thought you could use some help.'' He grunted. "Don't you like surprises?", she said, while hosing down a Jackal with a Assault Rifle burst. "I like to see what is in front of me, thank you very much", he said, kicking a Jackal in its stomach. "Well, I looove surprises", she replied. He looked toward the sky. The darkness was falling fast. "Pick up our survivors and let us go!'', he yelled over the team's Intercom. "Yes!! Finally!", a marine called back! "Stow it private! Our day isn't over yet!", First Lt. Le yelled back. 'Strum grinned. Then he stopped grinning. Mustn't let the others see, he thought. "Nuto 'Lorda! We need to go! Now! And bring some Banshee escorts with you", he yelled to his friend. "On my way, brethern!"
    Tayutus jumped out before the Phantom was 12 meters off the ground. His shield flashed as he landed. Then two Brute Bodyguards quickly followed suite. Sniffing the air, he smelled Human, Elite, Brute and Jackal blood lingering. "Follow", he grunted. He ran toward an outcropping of rocks. The guards flanked left and right, to see anyone left. As the guards were approching the outcropping, Tayatus looked up. Evening was coming fast. We will have the element of surpise...for now, he thought.