• When great city falls you can either admire or be disgusted over the destruction that is happening before you, that is probably one of the choices that mark human mind, but for one such as her… She wasn’t sure which one was it, it was like both disgust and splendor were making strange mix in her head, there was huge amount of excitement as well as sorrow and all that was making her confused. Great fires reflected on those light green eyes as she stood there and watched the greatest city being burned to the ground. She shifted her glare from the screams and suffering that was happening in front of her, her nose tried not to pick the scent of fresh blood which was now coloring the streets of Rome, and yet seeing her Master beside her, being aware of the pleasure that he was feeling, knowing of how much he longed to the fall of Rome made her want to vomit. Screams of terror and battle disappeared little before sun set and now the sound of fire eating the wood, the walls, the skin of the citizens that gave their life to their beloved city was only noise that could disturb her. On this hill, place from where everything was so easily to be caught, no matter with which sense, they stood together. Her Master, the one she hated and respected more then anyone, person she despised and wanted to kill with more desire with every passing moment of her undead life, and she, just an apprentice, no more then a year old vampire, there only because he wanted her to be, only because his desire to own her was matching hers never to see him again.

    ‘’Feast will soon begin,’’ came his voice and one silent slow nod was all that she did, her acts of defying him were small, almost unnoticeable, but they were there. She was maybe still weak and inexperienced, but she had her pride, pride that kept her in life more then once, it made her not step out of dark mansion every morning when sun appeared in the sky, and it made her face be as calm as it was now while she was watching the destruction of the place she once called home. Her master stepped away from her and small disk of almost invisible air appeared over the ground, it floated and Lanai just watched it become larger and ticker. ‘’Get up,’’ he ordered, but this time she didn’t try to show ant kind of rebellion, his voice was hard this time and that was a sign that Lanai was to be more obedient then ever. It was strange though, her master liked her which was probably reason why he was making her stay by his side even after her training has been finished, and yet now when the wretched city he hated so much was disappearing in the fiery tongues he was serious, unsure, it made Lanai start to wonder….

    Young vampires moved toward the disk, the long toga she was wearing touching the ground and making that sweet noise of light clothing going through fresh grass, against the deadly and unnatural silence that was ruling hill above destroyed city the sound came like blessing, like long forgotten treat that many needed in moments like this. Couple of other vampires that were on hill with them turned to look as her Master helped her take her place on the disk and then came up himself. Lanai sat down on the edge, the bony hand of her Master entangling in her hair as he petted her, she couldn’t stop but feel like cat, creature that was always between freedom and captivity, after all cats were still carrying some of the wild nature from their ancestors. He smiled toward her when she looked up to see if she could read his face, but as always all lanai could find there were those black emotionless eyes and stern gaze that gave her Master ability to stun his prey with little effort.

    ''Is everything all right?’’ she dared to ask, half expecting the answer and half preparing to be hit for even daring to ask such a question. There was always invisible line between them, no matter how much he adored her, her Master never let lanai cross that line. After all he was the master and she was just an Apprentice. ‘’It is fine. I am just wondering about what kind of blood we are going to be served tonight at Coliseum, would be the blood of one that conquered or the ones that were conquered…’’ Lanai blinkered on his words, confusion making her reveal some of her emotions while she watched her Master and started wondering if his years were starting to have affect on him, she looked like a child who understood absolutely nothing, and which was worse her eyes went wider as her laughed briskly and only patted her some more over the head before his eyes went up to look at Coliseum toward which floating disk was moving. ‘’You will understand in few decades…That is if you survive that much,’’ he whispered and Lanai felt her skin starting to crawl on those words, he always said them and it made lanai feel vulnerable, it made her think that her end was going to come quicker then she taught for she was still quite afraid of dying. Giving a willingness nod Lanai turned her gaze away, another night feast in Coliseum was coming, just tonight she felt no thrill for tonight the Rome has fallen.