• "Don't eat that, dear."

    Nate's hand hovers over a bag of potato chips. I wrinkle my nose in disgust, those things have heart-stopping amounts of fat and salt. Why children love them is beyond me.

    "You'll make yourself fat with all the junk you eat, go get yourself an apple. I just bought a bunch of them from the grocery."

    Nate rolls his eyes and trudges to the dining room, where the bowl of shiny red fruit resides. I sigh and go back to washing the dishes. He can groan and complain all he wants, but he knows it's for his own good. I've been becoming more concerned about my son's well being lately. Everyone has become more health conscious since the outbreak.

    This absolutely horrifying disease has left a trail of death and destruction, as of late. Doctors have not named this illness yet. It all starts with something you eat. There are a few known foods that are tainted with it. Once it is consumed, the symptoms show almost immediately.

    People who have fallen prey to the disease begin to become very pale within minutes of eating the contaminated food. On that very day, they will die.

    But it doesn't end there. The flesh will begin to rot and decay very quickly. In a matter of days, the body will look as if it's been dead for months. Then, the heart begins to pump. Blood does not flow through the re-animated corpse's veins, but rather, a sickly brown fluid. The organs begin to function and the brain switches on. The "zombie" will start to attack and infect anyone it can.

    So far, anyone infected has been kept away in an unknown location. I look at my beautiful boy, his unruly blond hair almost glows in the mid-afternoon sun and his blue eyes sparkle with such youthful vigor. I smile to myself, Nate is the light of my life. I love him so much.

    I click the radio on. Time to check up on the markets. I hope the economy pulls itself out of the toilet soon.

    The crackle of static fills the room for awhile before the broadcast begins.

    "....it has been confirmed that fruit that comes from a handful of farms are connected with the 'zombie ' outbreak. It is advised that you dispose of all oranges, peaches and apples immediately..."

    Nate stumbles into the kitchen, clutching his stomach. He's as white as a ghost. He looks up at me, eyes open wide.

    "Mom...I don't feel so good..."

    He's holding a half eaten apple in his hand.