• I looked into his eyes, tears streaming down my face. He just glared at me. I snapped, and screamed through my sobs, "Why? Why are doing this? Why are you killing me?" He chuckled, " My sweet, sweet, Kara, I do not plan to kill you."
    I looked at him, puzzled. I knew why he was doing it. It was what he does. He takes what he wants and "kills you" No, he does not kill you, but leaves you to die. "I loved you!" I screamed through the pain, then winced. More tears fell onto the wedding gown I wore. "And I you," he responded with a wicked smile, " that is why I am doing this, I can't allow myself to love anyone" I never thought he could do that, " We were supposed to get married! How could you kill me if you love me?"


    I did not understand. "What do you mean? I don't understand."

    "Don't you get it, I kill people, it's what I do, what I'm designed for."

    "You are not the murderer you say you are!"

    " I killed your brother, sister, mom, your whole family, Kara!"

    "Yes, I know, but I love you" I said, sobbing.

    He thrust the knife into my shoulder, eyes watering: "DON'T MAKE THIS HARDER THAN IT SHOULD BE!" he shouted, tears now falling.

    The breath was knocked out of me, for the pain had left me silent. He then tore the knife out. I shrieked out through a single sob. I held my hand to the wound. I sobbed, the pain unbearable.
    I looked up at him. I noticed he was crying.

    "This is who I am, Kara, it's what I do!"

    "It doesn't have to be that way"

    "Yes, if I don't do this they will do it themselves, to everyone I care about"

    I knew he couldn't be broken. I pursed my lips, holding back the sobs. I watched as he lay down the knife and walked away. I cried then. I then picked up the blood soaked knife, even through the blood I could see the bruised hollow shell of what used to be so happy. I gripped the knife as I sobbed, "Good bye, I will always love you."
    Then, I thrust the knife into my chest, stopping my already broken heart. The last thing I felt was the warm blood trickling down my dress.