• i awake i walk down the hall. get something to eat and leave. i hope each morning that i would get hit by a bus and end it all...but each time i think of jumping out into the stree...he walks by...in my mind. and i feel sorowful... as soon as i get to my destionation...iwalk up the steps and into the buliding. i walk down the crowded hall and slump into a desk...hoping to be cellophane...or just like glass...unseen.
    class ends and i continue threw hell. several more classes pass and then , the only time when i fell like im wanted is when we walk together. and we talk. i've made up my mind. im going to tell u how i feel. "look at the sky" u say.
    "i need to tell you something." i say. "i love-"
    " oh sorry i gotta go...im meating my girlfriend."'
    "Your girlfriend?"
    "yeah sorry i cant listen right now tell me later ok?"
    i want o be seen...by you and only u. my voice quells in my throut.
    i need to tell you now."i love you!" i shout. He stopped and turned and looked at me..."i know. but im sorry...i dont feel the same...im bad at returning these kind of emotions... i can-" "its not that you cant...its that you wont...i lov-"
    "i dont want to return these emotions...i dont feel the same."
    i stop...cant you see how much you hurt me? i want to be noticed...by you...

    why am i here? does god want to see me cry? I thought as i stould on the roof of my home...i fell...hard...
    R.I.P. .Thats what he grave said...R.I.P....."i dont care for the rest of the world...only you...but it was never ment to be"....it never was supossed to happen...the roof shingles shifted and she lost her balance and fell head first onto the cold,hard cement.