• The Story so far:
    Dyllan- Us, alone, in that big big BIG mansion with only one room. theres a sign it reads "do not disturb"
    Zoey- and that mansion is in a big feild where theres a beautiful lake near by where you can see the full moon clear looking at it every night
    Dyllan- that lake we go in it. then we go to the middel then we kiss for the frist time ever

    So the story starts:
    after our very first kiss we plan on going to a suite near by...and in that suite zoey and dyllan are both in the bed wacthing a movie. Its midnight when the movie finishes zoey falls asleep after the credits finishes and finishes eating their hot choco cuz the night was chilly. Dyllan wasnt asleep yet. He gets out of the bed & walks to the window he notices theres a guy by our car....Zoey wakes up feeling so lost, she gets up wondering where dyllan is but couldnt find him anywhere in the suite so she went down to see if he were downstairs and she sees a guy by the car zoey starts walking towards the car and finds out that isnt Dyllan.

    The guy turns to Zoey. he says "my guess is your his girlfriend" he points to dyllan. Zoey sees dyllan on the ground, shot in the arm. So she runs to his aid.

    Zoey panicks and starts to cry praying "please dont die please dont die" she calls the hospital they come to get Dyllan but they dont allow zoey to go so she go back to that guy who shot dyllan. Zoey got really mad...the guy says "what can a girl like you do to me" zoey say "a lot of damage even more than what you've done to dyllan" he says "hmph lets see you try touch me" zoey starts crying even more there are flames comin out of zoey and she beats that guy up he's unconsous and zoey calls up the police to put him behind bars while zoey is running to the hospital willing to see dyllan okay.
    back at hospital. zoey asks the doctor "is he going to be ok" he says "yes hes going to be fine but next time wacth out for robbers"

    zoey gets a sigh of relief she ask a doctor passing by if she oculd go see him the doctor say "shure but you have to keep silence" zoey runs down to the room and sees dyllan lying unconsous she starts to cry a lil and sits down on a chair holding his hand she kissed his hand and had fallen asleep holding his hand she wakes up the next morning and sees dyllan by the window looking at the sunrise he turns around and says "good mornings sleepy head" as he pats zoeys head. zoey gets up and hugs dyllan "god you worry me so much sometimes are you feeling better?"
    asks dyllan worriedly and he answers "ya im ok, o and what happened to that guy" zoey answers "i teached him a lesson i was so mad at wat happend hten"

    "i herd something about a fire out of no where" dyllan says "wired huh"
    "a fire?...where?" zoey says with a worried look
    "somthings up" dyllan says"and u know somethin"

    zoey turns away from him "wat are you talking about?.....i dont get you at all....c'mon let's go wear your clothes and lets get going..."JUMP "alredy dressed" dyllan says smiling
    lol "now shall we go and ill be driving this time you still need rest wink "zoey says laughing "ok guess ur right" but zoey did not know what dylans secret. zoey was driving the car. dylan says "o crap"zoey stops the car and turns to him "wat happend? you've been keeping a little distant lately and you seem nervous'' zoey asks suspiously
    "just dont look in the car behide us ok now go" dyllan said
    "why?"....zoey gets out of the car and starts walking towards the car behind

    a guy walks out of the car with a shotgun "ch ch" dyllan notice a gun "o crap" dyllan says he come out of our car with a pistel "yo dylan" the guy yells "my guess is this ur girl friend" "leve her out of this, travis" dyllan yell back

    "dyllan wats going on?!" zoey yells confuzed
    "just go ok babe ill catch up ok" dyllan says
    "no i wont leave you again i dont want to lose you again!" the guy starts walking toward zoey and grabs her hand grabs
    "let go of her" boom the shot from the pistel "1 guy down" dyllan says
    "just hold on" JUMP "ok open your eyes" "wow" zoey said "this is our mansion..............but how is this possable" "um remember when got dressed so fast" dyllan says. then zoey says "ya" "im a something people like travis called a jumper" dyllan says
    "a jumper?...i..i dont get you at all..." i say knowing the truth in my heart but not ready to accept it dyllan says"im sorry zoey if i knew this was going to happen i wouldve never let you be with me in the first place right now all i know is to love you nothing else please forgive me zoey"

    "of coarse i can. i love u 2" zoey said "ok let me show u some thing" dyllan said."ok but promise me that you wont hide anything else from me anymore i really dont want to lose you" zoey said "i promise now c'mon i need to show you this now hurry up!"
    "this is all my jumps or what u call places i been to" dyllan said "oh and this that suite we were at"

    "i see....why do you do this.."zoey says as he places hes hands over her shoulders he says "zoey if there was something i could do for you it would be to rewrite my past i would do it only for you becuz i dont want to see you cry or be sad" zoey takes a deep breath and smiles "while what are we waiting for lets go find a place to rest for a while this is life and i don't care what or where we go as long as we're together ok? wink so lets get going..im driving again!"

    dyllan says "or we can use jump" "no im driving" zoey said. back with travis, "get out the Jump Start" said travis "come on put on the jump scar" back at mansion, JUMP "TRAVIS" dyllan yells "u think we cant use your jump scars" travis said "will we can"

    "wats happening now dyllan?''