• as i laying dieing on the floor, blood pouring from the shuriken wounds
    my life flashed before my, eyes and i saw some of the great deeds, and atrocities i had commited
    and i thought to myself...this really sucks...to be killed by the worlds greatest, most powerful (and ugliest in my opinion)
    wasnt that bad... the fact that he had just tortured my greatest friend beside me kinda smarted though...as the blackness around my eyes started to spread i started to
    see a bright light...what was this i wondered... i heard someone whisper to me " youre not finished yet Daitaro" and i felt a strange power enter me... i could feel my wounds
    healing and my strength coming back ... the coming unconciousness had, however , not gone away.Before i blacked out i managed to say
    "who...who are you..." and the light said "my name is... Azumi..."