• Preface

    In 1980 I was born. On 1997 I died that same year same day I lived again. This happened because of a man I meet on the street in 1995. His name was Daniel Fight and he was a vampire. The vampire I dreamed about the killer and love of my life.It started out as me just walking down the street like everyday.

    "Hey Mike" I said to the store owner as I walked by his store. He smiled and throw me an apple "thanks" I called out as I went into a book store. I looked at the fiction first then saw someone beautiful place by me. "Umm excuse me" he said as he try to look at the fiction. "Oh sorry I said." He smiled and grinned at me. I laughed then covered my mouth he smiled like a killer that had caught its prey but I didn't see. "Hey want to go to lunch or something I just think I know you." I screamed then covered my mouth "sure" I whispered. "Dress up pretty I'll pick you up at seven" he flashed me a smile and I screamed again Bob the book store owner laughed. "Calm down Jessica" I smiled "sorry." I picked up some random book and took it to him I never left this store with out one. "You take it for free lets call it s gift for the date." I smiled and nodded to Bob walking out of the store. Then I finial looked at the book it was called 'Creatures of the Night' I raised an eyebrow wondering what it was about.