• Screaming, they dragged me here.
    Howling, they threw me in.
    Crying, they gave me a drug to put into a passive state.
    Submissive, they left me alone.

    Oh, looky here. I'm in a place full of people 'just like me', and 'just like me', they want to escape. Escape from the cold, grey, stone walls. Escape from captivity.

    Again, and again I tell them. I tell them "It was an accident!. It wasn't my fault she fell from the roof of a ten storey building." At this part they all ignore me "She was the one that fell..." Still ignoring "I just helped" Now they get creeped out and leave. They don't beleive me when I say it wasn't my fault, they never do. Now I'm here.

    This room, these walls, the one, omnious window, and the door; They are all too small. Everytime I blink, the room seems to close in on me. I can't shut my eyes. I just can't.

    Did you know, they give me these...Drugs. They're ment to calm us. They don't. We just lie there, like terrorfied vegetables. Afraid and alone. Hmm...If I really was a vegetable, I'd be a potato. 'Cause they taste nice with butter. I haven't had a decent meal in ages...

    *sigh* Every morning they come in and check on us. Then they give us our daily dose of vegetable juice. I'm starting to get tired of being a potato. I may become an aubergine - what ever that is. Anyway after our vegetationing, they leave. Sometimes one or two of them stay behind. I don't like that.

    Last time one stayed they did something to me... I'm not too sure on what it was because I was currently a vegetable, but I didn't like it. And I don't want to experience it again anytime soon. I'm scared.

    Hah! This time they accidently left the needle. I can do alot with that. I can even escape. Yes! Somehow I can escape this god - forsaken place. Haha goodbye asylum! Nathanial Napier is planning his escape. Oh yes. Hmm... I think an evil laugh would suffice. Crud! They're coming back! I can't stop laughing! Oh well they think I'm mad enough already.

    Ha ha ha ha ha... ... ...