• Prologue

    Time is not just a thing we use to keep order in our lives. It changes things. It gives us our dreams and our nightmares. We never really think about what it does when the legends fade and the myths die and truth is forgotten.

    What is it to us that something so important could lie underneath our feet and give us the key to save the world. We could find a cure for the incurable illnesses. Or a way into other worlds. A way to a new clean earth for the taking. All we need is to remember that time only passes when the earth spins. If it stops time itself would not exist.

    What happens in a world that is crumbling if time stops and they can fix it?

    This tale is of a sword that saved a crumbling world 55,000 years ago. Can it save it's new world before it too crumbles and dies?

    This swords earth is far different than ours. Their earth's name is Asalimore. It is divided into the twelve kingdoms. Januen, Februen, Marchus, Aprilious, Maydeern, Junerpent, Julioum, Augustol, Septembrek, Octobroud, Novebren, and Decembreious. Named after the first twelve rulers.

    In the beginning the people had skin like ours but a little different. They have another color that blends into them. When you look at a person with pale white skin, they have blue ends. The ends of their hair, their nose, ears, fingers, toes, and when you look at them they seem to have a blue aura around them. With the different shade of skin there is a different color at their ends. The black have bright gold ends. The tan have green ends. Light brown have red ends. In this world the 3 black skinned rulers ruled the world and held the others as their slaves. When the 9 other rulers decided to make peace the black held war. That war was where the sword was made.

    The sword was made out of the strongest steel by the most enchanting hands it was turned into the most magic sword in the Universe. it was not like any normal blade you have ever seen. It did not have two sharp edges, but 5. Three blades represented the 9 rulers against the enslavement of their people. One of the blades represented the 3 black rulers when the land was in peace. The last blade was made for the renewal of friendship and harmony in the land to make one world. The sword was remembered as a hero and it did save the world. It was praised by its people and the rulers. The earth turned and the time faded. The sword turned to a legend still being a great symbol of unity and freedom. Time still turned. The sword was lost and turned to myth only the old ones really remembered the story of the sword. Time turned again and the sword was forgotten. The world is now repeating itself for the 12 kingdoms are now turning against each other for power. Can the sword be found and the world go back in harmony? Or is the sword really just a myth that only the old few tell?