• PART 6

    Josh woke up, all he could see was white clay tiles then he realized it was the ceiling, he lifted his head up a bit, it was hot in here and his dark fringe was sticking to his forehead, he looked around, there were people there, some were crowded around desks, staring at computed screens, others were looking at test tubes and checking the coolers, they all had white lab coats on, scientists. Suddenly a man started walking up to him, he recognized his face. Tom.
    “So, this is working in a science lab huh?” josh said as tom came to stand next to him, he had a lab coat on to and a slight bruise on the side of his face were josh had hit him earlier. He pushed his glasses back up his nose
    “Well…not so much as working, but being worked on.”
    “You don’t say, you don’t say.” Tom took something out of his pocket, a syringe, he checked that the plunger was working “hey…what are you doing with that thing?” tom looked at him and smiled slightly
    “This.” He suddenly stuck the syringe in the side of josh’s arm and pressed the plunger down, the liquid immediately went onto josh who felt immense pain.
    “Ah!” he shouted, he tried to thrash but his arms and feet were tied down.
    “Goodnight, josh.” Tom said and waked away,
    “‘Goodnight’? Wait!” josh shouted, “What do you mean ‘Goodnight’?”
    “You’ll see.” Tom called back, and then he was gone. Josh tried to thrash again, but he became very tired, his breathing became much slower, his eyes were drooping shut, then he groaned, lay back, and let the blackness take over him.