• After he was done eating, I went to him and I decided that I wouldn't be his punching bag anymore. I realized at that moment that I had only put up with it because I thought I loved him.

    "Well, you did good with the food. We'll see how good you do in the bed." he stood up and reached for me.

    "No." I said, showing him the first bit of defiance he had seen from me since he met me. I'm a people pleaser, so I normally just go with what other people wanted.

    "No?" He questioned. He looked at me as if I had grown another head.

    "No." I repeated, glaring up at him.

    "You will do it, whether you like it or not!" He snarled. He reached for my arm, to take me to the bedroom.

    I jerked it out of his reach. "I will not be used for your pleasure any longer, you b*****d. I realized that you are just a bully, and I won't take it any more." I kicked him in his groin, dropping him to his knees. I dashed out of the kitchen and out the door, only to come face to face to, no other than that coniving, malicious woman, Shawna. She was only about five feet tall, and I, standing at five feet five inches, towered over her, so it didn't even pass through my mind that I couldn't leave.

    When she stepped in front of me, I stopped."What do you think you are doing, Shawna?"

    "Well, I do believe I am stopping you from running away from Nicky. You don't know what you have in that man."

    "I know perfectly well what I had in that monster. A tyrant. Now move, or else I'll flatten you." I snarled, casting her my best scathing glare.

    She cowered for a moment, giving me my chance of escape, but it came to late. Nicolai had come up behind me and he now wrapped his beefy, muscular arm around my windpipe, strangling me.

    "Thank you babe. I would have gone to a lot of trouble to catch this little witch." he said, giving that traitorous girl a dazzling smile. Then he tightened his arm. As the world started turning black, I thought I heard my faithful dogs snarling and barking....

    I woke up sore and very frightened. Sitting up poker straight, I looked about me and saw a strangely familiar room. It was my room from the main cabin. Two warm bodies lay next to me.

    "Max? Izzy?" I whispered. Or tried to anyway. I couldn't talk. That man had crushed my voice box.

    Max raised his great black head, looking worried. I smiled, petting him. I was glad to see him again.

    What happened?I signed. He stood up and jumped off the bed, tugging on my gown. I followed, opening my door. I saw Ian, my best friend, sitting outside my door.

    Walking quietly, so as not to wake him, I followed my Rott out to the living room, where Nicole, Chelsea and Dustin were all sitting up, talking quietly.