• Kidnapped

    A few days passed...just a few days before had a 14 year old female been kidnapped and now a 15 year old male? This was the headline that Destiny read today she was the kidnapped and now her best friend Chris? Whats going on. What didn't she know? She looked about herself as she heard a loud thump nosie outside. Could it by the preson she thought? Could it be Chris? The door suddenly open and there stood her kidnapper and someone she didn't realize...

    Destiny sat on the egde of the bed made for two people. She looked at the man and boy she wondered as the boy was shoved at her in was indeed Chris. He inclosed them inside the small dark area again. He left the light on inside so it was brighter but not as bright as she would've liked.
    "Did you come willingly or put up a fight like normally" She asked looking at Chris
    "I came willingly he said if i didn't he'd kill you, dump you on my front lawn and kidnap my sister" Chris hadn't been lying about trying to kill her that he had tried. Se looked over at him.
    "He didn't say anything about hurting her did he?"
    "Noi he hadn't but I did come willingly when he threatened about you." He smiles and offeres her a hug which she couldn't deny him after all. He sat down pulling her hear him as he went on. "This is prettymuch how it went. He came up to me and I didn't thnk anything of it he told me he had kidnapped you and said that if i didn't come he'd hurt you..."
    He paused for a minute
    "Well...?" she protested on
    "I did what he asked I went to your house got about three outfits for you and three for me. He said to meet him at 2:30 on Willow drive..Alone and if i told anyone that he'd kill us both. So i stayed shut." He smiled down at her and went on. "Anyway I got to Willow drive and he pulled in with his friends and goes sorry about my friends theyire here to make sure you don't run so i replied why would i you have my best friend" He stopped and kissed her head lightly showing he cared "And well Now I'm here with you I'm unharmed and here" He stared in her eyes as her head rested on his houlder he looked at her with his warm eyes.
    "I love you Brother" She always called him this because he was like an older brother to her.
    "I love you Sis" He replied to her but she wouldn't know he thought of her as more than that.
    She caught his gaze and looked at him she smiles and then looked back down. "Chris?"
    "you are more like my brother in more ways than I've told you" She told him. He looked at her kinda puszzled "You are always there when I need help when I need you..I'm sorry I haven't been around that much in the past weeks I mean this is a good reason an understandable one but I mean...Sorry"
    "Dest it's not that big of a deal I just hung out with the guys instead. Yeah i missed the hell out of you but I mean they're alright" He sighed and pulled off his jacket putting it around her.
    "It's just I missed you and I hate not seeing you that long"
    He held her tightas the man came back and mubbled. 'Get to bed both of you" And shut off the light making it pitch black inside Chris pulled her to him tighter knowing she and dark didn't go good.

    The lights were off her body slightly against his as they sat. "Chris?" She had a worried look on her fave even he could tell in the night black. "he's never turned off that light. it's dark and I don't like it"
    "Everything'll be fine fine just come here" He pulls her into his lap and blushes felling her head on his shoulder.
    He was lucky it was dark and she could see him blush She spoke softly "Chris?"
    "Yes Dest."
    "I'm tried" She yawns and he smiles down at her.
    "Then go to sleep." He picked her up noticing she was already sleeping and lied her in bed. "Sleep well my love" She slips little thing like this to her when she wasn't paying attention or she was asleep...he put on his PJ's and slipped in bed next to her. He put his hand on her arm and went to sleep knowing that when she woke the darkness would still be.
    When he woke he couldn't feel her near.
    "CHRIS!" She screamed from behind the great wall.
    "Dest are you alright?" He went over and tried to see what was going on.
    "Chris!" Another plea escaped her lips and Another plea he couldn't help.
    "Dest and you ok?"
    "Chris shut up and get away from teh door." It wasn't her voice but it was a females.
    "Morgan?" He knew it was Morgan his sister.
    "Christopher get away from the door listen to my wife." It was the man and his wife that were toturing her.
    "CH-" she got cut off from what she was going to say. Then she started crying.
    Chris screamed. "TELL ME WHAT YOUR DOING TO HER" The man's wife opened the door and Came in.
    "Excuse him " She smiles at Chris. "I'm Kathy, His wife" She touched Chris's cheek. "He'll let her back soon"
    Chris slapped her hand. "Please Kathy tell me what is he doing to her please?" Chris was pleaing to her dieing inside hearing her scream, "she's my best friend and and well I love her like she was my sister"
    Kathy laughed at Chris. "Chris my dear foolish boy she won't love you..she won't even believe your her friend when he is done."
    "What is he do-" Chris stopped in his sentence then stared. "Dest!!" She ran out and grabbed her into his arms Destiny cried for a while. then spoke ever so softly
    "Chris he he"
    Chris just stared down at her ready to cry himself. "Come on Dest." She takes her back inside the small inclosed space.

    "chris just get me away from him. Please" She just looked at him and pleaed "Chris please"
    Chris picked her up in his arms "Alright Dest i will but i am only becuase you look pittiful llike this."
    Destiny batted her eyes at him once in the small room again. " I know how you feel about me"
    "You you can't I mean how did yo-"
    "Kathy. She said you blushed when you said i love her and the it toke you some time and you stutered threw like a sister." She smiles. "and a guy that doesn't love me wouldn't be hold me like this or had kissed my head, held my arm in my sleep, blushed when I was in his lap or blu-"
    "Ok i get it you know"
    "Wow I'm surpised I didn't know you loved me...and well Kathysaid none of that I just guessed that." She smiles. "Well I know you like me now" She giggles her blond hair on her cheeks. "Put me down?"
    "I love you like a sister nothng more." He puts her down on her feet. "Alright nothing more I don't want you." He looked at her and she looked away he then noticed he was yelling.
    "I didn't say anthing like that." She stood and walked into a different roo,. Chris went to follow then let her be.
    Chris menat well and wanting her but didn't want her to know." Dest... I didn't mean I didn't mean I didn't want you as a friedn I meant as a girlfr-" She slammed the door in his face. "DESTINY I DIDN'T MEAN TO YELL!!"
    Destiny sat down on the end of the bed, then grabbed a pillow."He he hates me he yelled he swore that the only time her would ever yell at me is if he hated me! HKE SWORE HE WOULDN'T YELL AT ME!!" Chris heard her and sighed. "Christopher you SWORE TO ME!!!" Destiny's blond tip in her hair had turned balck from her make-up and the white in her eyes, now red. Chris was on the other side of the wall he layed down in the bed there and thought about what he did to her. He started crying softly and cried himself to sleep. "Christopher you your such an a**!" Chris woke and opened the door
    "Dest I'm sorry: Chris pulled her face up and looked into her eyes.
    "Christopher your an a**" She looked at him. "I hate you never talk to me again I HATE YOU!!!!"
    Chris teared up. "Destiny listen I didn't mean it like that I I I meant"
    "What'd you mean then hmmm?"
    "I love...my lips"

    Wait What Why?"
    "Because I can do this" She stared at him funnyand Chris grabbed her, he looked at her in the dead of night and pressed her body to his. He softly kissed her lips Soft but strong,
    "Dest I'm sorry I I jsut ahte this and well I I do want to be with you and I l-" Chris was cut off by the Man's wife grabbing his arm. "Kathy do you mind?"
    She smirks "No Not really"
    "No I don't have to cause guess what just because I'm the wife doesn't mean I can't kill you and that b***h"
    Chris let go of Destiny and looked at Kathy "You think she's a b***h?" Chris said forcing Kathy to let go...He grabbed her again. "She's not a b***h your a b***h"
    "Chris...I love you." She kissed Chris and smiled Chris turned red. Destiny did too.
    "I love you too Dest."
    "Yuck" Kath said sarcasticly
    Destiny spoke up more "Slut. He does have to if he doesn't want to. Your being a slut."
    Kathy walks out leaving them alonce once more. "Chris.."
    "Be my baby"
    "Your not asking?"
    "Nope not asking I'm telling you your going to be my baby..."
    "By my baby you mean girlfriend right?"
    Chris shoved her back on the bed and layed next to her and put his arms around her. Destiny got away and got into her PJ's then layed back down. Chris put his arms around her holding her close to him, chest to chest, face to face, she layed and let him be they looked at the door hoping she wouldn't come back.

    She just cuddlled him and smiled. He held her in his arms smiling he tilt her head up slightly. "Destiny" He said softly and kisses her softer than ever. She smiles and nuzzled him falling asleep sooner than she was planning to but for it was hard to stay waking her body agianst his warm body. She was happy, content and pleased

    Destiny woke up the next morning and looked around herself. She was alone in a room. Chris sitting up at the same time wonder where she had gone. "Dest?" He said softly and from the other side of the door.
    "Chrissy?" She began calling him chrissy a year or two ago. "There are two doors. the man comes in the one in your room to get to mine." She pounds on a small brick and it moves.
    "That brick! If i help you we can get them out of there and get you in here!" He smiles at his thought and she pounds that brick again and he pulls it out. they do this several more times and she comes there the wall and smiles.
    She smiles and he held het tightly as the man came in. "One of you will die the other goes home." They look to each other.
    "Destiny your going home." Chris let go of her and she grabbed for him.
    "Chrissy...no don't please!! I would rather us both be locked in here together than lose you."
    "Destiny I I have to I hate seeing you like this."
    "I'll never see you agian Chris no!!" The man pulled at him and she screamed. "CHRIS"

    She woke up screaming. "That was a dream thank Lord!" She was lying in her own bed. With her own boyfriend. She remembered that night. That night he one true love died to save her life. She began crying. "Chris...I I I need you I miss you I know you did it to save me...I know"

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