• when youre alone and the whole world is against you what do you do?who do you turn to?who can you trust?what are your dreams?im 7 years old and my name is katrina.i named myself that because everyone moves away when i come near just like the hurricane.my mom is an alchoholic and my dad left her years ago.he said he was going on a business trip shortly after they had a big fight.he never returned.i live in a ratty old apartment in new york and can barely live.i really kind of live by myself because my mom is never home.shes been arrested many times but doesnt ever remember me so i just sit at home alone for a while.im used to it though.im used to the dirty looks people give me when i pass.everyday i wear the same clothes because i have nothing else. my brown hair is a mess and so i cut it short and wear it in a pony-tail.i am suprisingly smart though because i taught myself to read and i read a lot.theres nothing better for me to do.i have stolen a few math books and different school books from the nearby elementary school that i study for an hour everyday.well one day while i was going over to the school i had a special surprise.i opened the window by picking the lock and snuck in.i walked over to the library.i grabbed a history book and a new chapter book.i was walking out when i heard something.
    "hey!what are you doing?"i turned around in fear.i saw a boy probably 9 years old.his hair was neat and he seemed pretty rich.just another snobby rich kid,i thought.i clenched my fists tight and glared at him.
    "whats it too you?"i said in a digusted ******** off."i sprinted for the window. i felt a soft hand grab my wrist.it was him.
    "well that wasnt too nice maam."he said.i rolled my eyes and kicked at him.
    "OW!"he said."what was that for?"
    "get lost!my life is hard enough without you."
    "what do you have against me.i know youre stealing those books but i wont tell."i looked at him in shock."so whats your name?"he smiled at me.
    "why are you being so nice to me?"i asked."im just the little poor thief girl.why dont you go run off and play with your rich friends at your fancy swimming pool at your mansion."i tugged away from his grip around my wrist and ran.i jumped out the window but he was soon behind me.what did he want?did he just want to rub it in that hes rich and im poor?
    "WAIT!"he yelled."you never told me your name!"i ignored him and ran harder and faster."WAIT WAIT!"i blocked him out and focused on losing him somehow without him finding out where i live.i ran into the park and got into the girls bathroom.a few minutes later i climbed out of the window.as soon as i landed i was face to face with the boy.my eyes widened.
    "finally i got you."he said."now you need to tell me, whats your name?"i was astonished.
    "why do you care?"i yelled at him."and why are you following me?do you just want to rub it in that im poor and youre filthy rich.big 'woop-de-doo'."
    "no.i just want to know."i sighed.
    "youre a hard kid you know.im katrina.now can i go without you following me?"
    "no.thats a pretty name.im billy."he smiled at me with every word he said.
    "pretty?its was a hurricane.it killed hundreds.i named myself that because people run when i come near like that hurricane."
    "well i think its a pretty name."
    "whats your problem dude?let me go.i need to get home."
    "why?what are you doing when you get home?"
    "none of your business."
    "i see, you arent doing anything."i blushed.it was true but id rather be at home alone then here with him.
    "look i really dont need this crap."i told him."just let me go so that i can do some studying.okay?"he stepped aside.but pulled out a pen and a piece of paper from his pocket.
    "here."he said handing a slip of paper to me.it had an adress and a phone number on it."call me or come over sometime.id like to get to know you better."
    i was extremely puzzled.
    "you are one weird kid."i said.
    "promise youll call or come over."he pleaded.i didnt know what to say.he sure was. . . interesting.
    "fine"i finally said.
    i sighed."soon." his smile widened and he let me go.even though i was glad to finally go i was kind of sad too.for once since i was two years old i felt like someone cared about me like i actually had a friend.little did i know there was a long journey ahead of me.and all because of two books.