• ~With Yuki(Her P.O.V.)~

    "He should be leaving for America soon." his mother said, "If you hurry you can catch up to him."
    I just run off towards the airport, I needed to tell him something. If I can't stop him, then at least I can tell him. I want to tell him how much I care for him. Please, just let me tell him, let me see him.
    As I ran into the airport he was already heading towards his gate number. I try my best to get through the crowd. I reach the escalator, but he's to far ahead of me.
    "Makoto!" I call out. Luckily he heard me and turned around. He saw me rise up from the lower grounds. He looked surprised, but happy to see me.
    "Yuki! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?" he asked me.
    "I wanted to give you something." I say looking down to the floor where I laid down the bag,
    "I want you to open this, whenever your feeling down, or something is bothering you. Okay?"
    "Ok, I will" he said as he took the bag from it's resting spot and started to leave.
    "Also...stay safe in America." I whispered before I turned and left. I'm sure he heard me because he slightly turned to see me off.
    "Goodbye..." he whispered in response, then he turned and left for his gate. I walked out to the window to see his plane get ready to fly off. Then as the plane lifted up into the air, I started to cry.
    "Goodbye", that's what he said. When will we get to say hello again? When will we see each other again. I hope that he gets to see what was inside that box, and soon.

    ~With Makoto(His P.O.V.)~

    "I'll really miss you Yuki." I say looking out of the window into the sky, "I promise to find you after college. I promise."
    I look at the bag she gave me. It wasn't very heavy, I wonder what it is. I wonder if she'd let me take a look.
    As I open the bag I see an envelope. I open the envelope to see a letter addressed to me.

    Dear Makoto,
    I hope you will stay safe in America, and I wish you luck. There's something I need to tell you. You probably wouldn't want to hear this, but I need to tell you. I love you, and nothing can change that. I want to see you again, but by the time you come back I might not be there to greet you. She says she might not greet me, but even if she doesn't, I will be able to see her again. I read on. I have fallen ill, and it seems I might not make it in time to see you again. I was only able to stay strong, because of you. You gave me the strength to stay alive. This happened so long ago, possibly a few days after I met you. I didn't want you to worry, so I didn't tell you. Until now. I hope you aren't to mad at me. So I bid you farewell.

    She's going to die? Why didn't she tell me earlier, I would've stayed by her side until her last breath. Why? Why didn't she tell me?
    I guess I must have started getting loud because everyone started to stare.
    "Sir, is something wrong?" a flight attendant asked.
    "We have to turn around." I said as tears fell down my eyes, "We have to turn around!"
    "Sir, I'm sorry, but we're already far from the airport. We'll have to go on to America." the flight attendant said.
    "No! We have to turn around! I need to see her! She's going to die alone if I don't!" I yelled at her.
    "I'm sorry, Sir" she said getting quiet, "I really am, even if I tried talking with the pilots they can't turn around.
    "N-no..." I said as I just sat down in my seat looking down on the floor, "I-it's okay, I'll just let her die alone then."
    Just then, as I closed my eyes, I can see her. I see her and her smile. Her last smile...